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Don’t eat all my candy

Other than stocking up on sugary swag for my kiddos and no time to enjoy a delicious meal cooked and served by somebody else because you are a T4T Team Captain food specials at local eateries, Valentine’s Day was just … Continue reading

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Day of Valentine

Valentine’s Day means very little to me.  I’ve never brought into the hype.  Chocolate and flowers do nothing for this girl.  I’m not romantic.  Over the top displays of affection, sappy stuff, or pricey dates aren’t my style.  Just be … Continue reading

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Obligatory Valentine acknowledgement

My special valentine manifested itself in the Starbucks drive thru this morning.  ❤ Upon approaching the window the cashier told me that the car in front of me was feeling generous and had paid for my order.  Too cool!  I … Continue reading

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Be mine

Two years ago I spent Valentine’s Day with Danielle at her mom’s house in Southaven.  Very few people knew I had left my home in California– if anyone discovered my absence the consequences would be disastrous– and we carefully orchestrated … Continue reading

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