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Happy New Year!  Instead of writing something profound for the purpose of this post, I’ll take a screen shot of what I posted on Facebook.  A brand spanking new calendar year always comes with excitement, motivation, and optimism associated with … Continue reading

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The waiting game

This marks the second [and hopefully last] occasion I’ve had strep throat as an adult.  I can’t remember ever having it as a child though I probably did.  Adam and I both caught it within days of each other.  Suffice … Continue reading

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Goth teens and fake nails

I am:  politically savvy; progressive; well-versed on current affairs; an avid reader; passionate about social justice issues; a college graduate; involved with my Unitarian Univeralist congregation; a feminist; and very opinionated.  You’d never know from my recent posts.  Lately all … Continue reading

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100 days of school

Guess who celebrated the 100th day of school today?!  His class concocted a special trail mix and most of the day’s activities centered around the occasion.  I know he enjoyed a change of pace from the typical daily routine.  And … Continue reading

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Fantastic Friday

Friday kept a smile on my face throughout– a wonderful day from start to finish. Maris and I saw each other for the first time in ages.  What felt like forever was probably only a month, but that’s about 29 … Continue reading

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