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Our official family shot for the holidays.  Normally I use Red Stamp to make a card out of it but that simply isn’t feasible this year.  As with most of my stylish attire, the vest, leggings, and boots come from … Continue reading

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My beloved finally came home.  One day.  That’s precisely how long we lasted before beer entered the equation.  Just 24 hours and it was off to the races.  How the hell did it even happen?  This wasn’t the plan– far … Continue reading

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March forward

None of the following updates would be possible without sobriety.  I’m grateful and humbled.  Not everyone lives to tell about it.  Only an hour after I snapped this selfie in the sunlight I was sitting in a funeral.  Why?  Never … Continue reading

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“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony.”  ~ Thomas Merton Until very recently happiness as a constant evaded me. Sure, I reacted to specific circumstances with a feeling of happiness, but it was … Continue reading

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Day of Valentine

Valentine’s Day means very little to me.  I’ve never brought into the hype.  Chocolate and flowers do nothing for this girl.  I’m not romantic.  Over the top displays of affection, sappy stuff, or pricey dates aren’t my style.  Just be … Continue reading

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Strep throat and romantic introspection

Ferris Bueller My son decided he needed some time off last week.  He played hooky for two consecutive days.  Monday an ‘earache’ rendered him unable to attend school.  Tuesday he didn’t even bother with a phantom ailment; he was simply … Continue reading

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Be mine

Two years ago I spent Valentine’s Day with Danielle at her mom’s house in Southaven.  Very few people knew I had left my home in California– if anyone discovered my absence the consequences would be disastrous– and we carefully orchestrated … Continue reading

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