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Le Menage [Blog Buzz]

My first Blog Buzz column features the fascinating Mercy of Le Menage.  I appreciate her candor regarding her unconventional relationship and her allowing us to share her journey as she navigates complicated feelings.  In fact, her blog prompted me to … Continue reading

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Blog Challenge and The Bachelor

I struggle periodically with Cocktails With Hemingway.  Mostly it’s some combination of lack of computer access and/or not enough hours in the day.  Lately it’s been a form of writer’s block worsened by my own perfectionist tendencies.  I’ll delete an … Continue reading

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Praise WiFi

Remember that post from the middle of September that announced the triumphant return of Cocktails With Hemingway?  My lofty blogging ambitions came to a screeching halt shortly thereafter when we lost our cable/internet.  As did the rest of my life … Continue reading

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Ends and beginnings

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” How’s that for a cliché breakup quote?  Several days ago my significant other and I parted ways.  In an highly atypical move I spoke very little of it on this blog.  … Continue reading

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Trust part two?

Spend two hours per day writing.  That is the commitment I made to myself to be divided as follows:  half an hour on paid assignments; half an hour blogging; 45 minutes working on an idea; and 15 minutes writing in … Continue reading

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Social butterfly Sloane

Blogging becomes quite difficult when your dance card stays full. Amber guarantees a calendar stuck on overdrive. I could retire before the end of January and have my social obligations fulfilled for the year. Since our paths crossed I’ve met … Continue reading

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Ten blog entries for the tenth month of the year in ten days.  What better way to officially mark my return to the blogosphere than a challenge?  Beginning 20 October I commit to posting once a day for the next … Continue reading

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