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Retreat part deux

Six long years have passed since my deflowering.  Not that but the other V card– the Neshoba women’s retreat.  I’m stunned that I only wrote a couple of vague paragraphs about one of the most powerful experiences of my life.  … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Good riddance, 2013.  Dwelling on the negative accomplishes nothing so I’ll focus on the highlight of my year:  we escaped California.  My children met for the first time and they live happily under the same roof.  We’re all living in … Continue reading

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Ken Scarbrough: graduate

Graduating high school is no easy feat.  The challenges faced by our youth multiply exponentially with every passing generation….and many adults just don’t get it.  It’s hard enough being a teenager.  Managing 30+ hours of school a week, along with … Continue reading

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• March Blog Challenge • Day 18: Where are you happiest? Does anyone else feel like these questions [or at least my answers to them] are getting redundant? A foolproof way to ensure my happiness? Take me to the beach. … Continue reading

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• March Blog Challenge • Day 17: Why and when did you start blogging? I started blogging on LiveJournal when I was in high school. Since then I have used Xanga, Blogspot, and now Word Press. Three of my four … Continue reading

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