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I cling to the 9%!

Last fall I purchased a DNA kit from, hoping to shed some light on my international genetic makeup.  I spit awkwardly into a plastic test tube, made a  video to commemorate the occasion [bonus points for Adam referencing John … Continue reading

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Last day of summer

…and what a fantastic summer it was. Technology galore!  Adam purchased an Xbox with his own money.  Tatum discovered the joy of [supervised] YouTube. My children can work electronic devices better than I can. Hot, humid days were spent in … Continue reading

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“Oh shit, the cake’s on fire!”

It’s taken me an entire week to recover from Tatum’s festivities, hence the belated birthday post.  Dreading the celebration associated with my child’s special day [or in her case weekend] makes me feel like Mother of the Year but the … Continue reading

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We can be heroes

Combining days 11 and 12 make sense because I find any excuse to procrastinate they both involve the entertainment industry.  I’ve never cared much for award shows and the Golden Globes are no exception.  Even Ricky Gervais hosting wasn’t compelling … Continue reading

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Joyeux Noël

“Merry Christmas 🎄 Santa’s elves sure were busy last night.  The kids awoke to presents under tree and stockings stuffed with goodies.  Although it’s not about the amount of stuff or dollars spent I am so grateful my parents generously … Continue reading

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Outstanding orangutan

I dare you to watch this without smiling.  Something about an orangutan revealing all his teeth when he laughs– and rolling over and kicking his feet in amusement– warms my heart.  My children love this.  My parents love this.  What … Continue reading

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Seventh heaven for Adam

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY, ADAM! As opposed to a single party we opted for a series of smaller birthday events. Immediately after school Adam blew out his candles and received a few of his Legos.  Then it was on to Chuck E. Cheese where we … Continue reading

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