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• March Blog Challenge • Day 13: Do you have regret? Here’s an actual answer of mine from a MySpace survey several years ago:. “‘No regrets’ summarizes my philosophy on life. Do I make mistakes? Of course. Are there things … Continue reading

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Only a few more hours…

My chauffeur will arrive in two and a half hours to take me to the hospital.  I’ve been up for over an hour now.  The realization that I wouldn’t be able fall asleep again frustrated me….until it became apparent just … Continue reading

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T-16 hours!

It’s been a….chaotic….pregnancy to say the least.  Meeting my daughter seemed such an abstract concept.  Would it ever happen?  Her constant movements ensure that I never forget she’s in there– ready to meet Mommy and brother and everyone else– but … Continue reading

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Epidurals and Caesarians, oh my!

With every passing week my Gmail account becomes inundated with pregnancy mail [‘The Daily Kick,’  ‘Ages & Stages,’  ‘What To Expect- Week X,’ etc.] and I always enjoy reading these frequent messages.  It reminds me how excited I am to … Continue reading

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Three days

Tomorrow will move at such a sluggish pace….the hours will crawl by until Monday morning, my last doctor’s appointment prior to the C-section.  At least I hope it’s my last.  My initial doctor in Memphis scheduled my surgery for 2/21 … Continue reading

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It brings great happiness to my heart knowing that Grayson got to spend several hours with his parents, siblings, and tons of people who love him.  I saw the pictures and he was adorable– complete with chunky legs– and he … Continue reading

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39 weeks

Baby: Your baby is about 21.5 inches long from head to toe and weighs a little more than 7 pounds. Toenails and fingernails have grown to tips of toes and fingers. Muscles of your baby’s arms and legs are strong … Continue reading

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