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The waiting game

This marks the second [and hopefully last] occasion I’ve had strep throat as an adult.  I can’t remember ever having it as a child though I probably did.  Adam and I both caught it within days of each other.  Suffice … Continue reading

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Spring Break, dinner party, treetop adventure

Sharing a laptop slashes my online time by 90%.  Blogging suffers the most.  Hence the infrequent entries offering more summary than substance. It’s spring break for my kiddos.  With all the time off from school due to winter weather– didn’t … Continue reading

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Seymour Wilke 1998 – 2015 Our beloved canine companion went to the great doghouse in the sky today. Seymour’s gone.  The quirky, lovable dog that’s been a part of our family for 16 years went to sleep peacefully at the … Continue reading

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Puss at park

Do I qualify as an accomplice of a crazy cat lady if I’m sitting here on a park bench while Amber snuggles with her two Abyssinians on leashes while my child frolics on the playground? With infinite love, gratitude, and … Continue reading

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100 days of school

Guess who celebrated the 100th day of school today?!  His class concocted a special trail mix and most of the day’s activities centered around the occasion.  I know he enjoyed a change of pace from the typical daily routine.  And … Continue reading

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Fantastic Friday

Friday kept a smile on my face throughout– a wonderful day from start to finish. Maris and I saw each other for the first time in ages.  What felt like forever was probably only a month, but that’s about 29 … Continue reading

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Gummy feast

  Ask and ye shall receive: those incentives spurred Adam to action with his numero dos business. Upon waking from his afternoon nap– his first day of his summer program as a ‘Mini Mozart’ left him completely drained– he excitedly … Continue reading

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