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Blended fam, co-parent fail

Allow me to offer some expository information for you to better understand the events that led us to where we are now.  I’ll keep this as concise as possible. Many moons ago in October 2007 Will Reed and I got … Continue reading

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33 years ago something truly epic transpired… I am so humbled by the outpouring of love and support on my special day.  Thank you to everyone who messaged/commented/texted– each and every word was read and appreciated.  How grateful I am to … Continue reading

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Sacramento Failed Matthew Hernandez

What sort of despicable creature kills their son in cold blood with a hatchet? Only a monster– pure evil that is incomprehensible to the rest of us– could murder their own child. Matthew Hernandez Monsters exist everywhere. No part of … Continue reading

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• March Blog Challenge • Day 11: Last book you read For those of you unfamiliar with Damien Echols and the ‘West Memphis Three’ here is some background. Let it be known that I have researched this case extensively. It … Continue reading

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• March Blog Challenge • Day 1: A self portrait + 5 random facts My friend, Preston, captured this image in 2005 during a spring photo shoot at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Megan Childers [favorite roomie and actual … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Rise Magazine is by and for parents affected by the Child Welfare System.  Both the Editor and the Editorial Director thought I had some very interesting stories to tell.  I’m absolutely delighted to share with you that Rise accepted my … Continue reading

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The miraculous Owen babies

Despite the profound joy associated with the news of my vehicle, I struggled significantly with my anger today, and even planned to blog extensively about it.  That changed the second I signed onto Facebook and saw Elizabeth’s [a friend from … Continue reading

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