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33 years ago something truly epic transpired… I am so humbled by the outpouring of love and support on my special day.  Thank you to everyone who messaged/commented/texted– each and every word was read and appreciated.  How grateful I am to … Continue reading

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Sacramento Failed Matthew Hernandez

What sort of despicable creature kills their son in cold blood with a hatchet? Only a monster– pure evil that is incomprehensible to the rest of us– could murder their own child. Matthew Hernandez Monsters exist everywhere. No part of … Continue reading

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• March Blog Challenge • Day 11: Last book you read For those of you unfamiliar with Damien Echols and the ‘West Memphis Three’ here is some background. Let it be known that I have researched this case extensively. It … Continue reading

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• March Blog Challenge • Day 1: A self portrait + 5 random facts My friend, Preston, captured this image in 2005 during a spring photo shoot at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Megan Childers [favorite roomie and actual … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Rise Magazine is by and for parents affected by the Child Welfare System.  Both the Editor and the Editorial Director thought I had some very interesting stories to tell.  I’m absolutely delighted to share with you that Rise accepted my … Continue reading

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The miraculous Owen babies

Despite the profound joy associated with the news of my vehicle, I struggled significantly with my anger today, and even planned to blog extensively about it.  That changed the second I signed onto Facebook and saw Elizabeth’s [a friend from … Continue reading

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Days 11-16

Here is some much needed reflection on my part.  No matter how ‘bad’ I think I have it….there are always countless people who have it much, much worse.  I am eternally grateful.   11)  It wouldn’t be the land of … Continue reading

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