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I cling to the 9%!

Last fall I purchased a DNA kit from, hoping to shed some light on my international genetic makeup.  I spit awkwardly into a plastic test tube, made a  video to commemorate the occasion [bonus points for Adam referencing John … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

I need a meeting.  Since leaving the house right now is not an option I chose instead to steal a few minutes for myself to decompress.  The Barbie Dream House box provides the perfect hiding spot.  Should I log into … Continue reading

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Tater 4.5

Happy half birthday, Tatum!  🎉 My little girl marks the exact halfway point between her fourth and fifth birthdays today.  She is undeniably smart and mature for her young age, yet in many ways she is so childlike and innocent.  … Continue reading

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“Oh shit, the cake’s on fire!”

It’s taken me an entire week to recover from Tatum’s festivities, hence the belated birthday post.  Dreading the celebration associated with my child’s special day [or in her case weekend] makes me feel like Mother of the Year but the … Continue reading

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Tater turns 4

Four years ago today Tatum Maris Reed was born in Memphis.  Weighing in at 7lbs4oz, she made her debut at 12:36pm on Fat Tuesday.  She’s been an endless source of joy ever since.  Our sweet and sassy princess lights up … Continue reading

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Day of Valentine

Valentine’s Day means very little to me.  I’ve never brought into the hype.  Chocolate and flowers do nothing for this girl.  I’m not romantic.  Over the top displays of affection, sappy stuff, or pricey dates aren’t my style.  Just be … Continue reading

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Playing catchup

What do my primary inbox, social tab, promotions tab, and spam folder all have in common?  None of them contained UBC day 10.  As of Monday morning my emails resumed as usual so I’m assuming it was a glitch in … Continue reading

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