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“Oh shit, the cake’s on fire!”

It’s taken me an entire week to recover from Tatum’s festivities, hence the belated birthday post.  Dreading the celebration associated with my child’s special day [or in her case weekend] makes me feel like Mother of the Year but the … Continue reading

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The waiting game

This marks the second [and hopefully last] occasion I’ve had strep throat as an adult.  I can’t remember ever having it as a child though I probably did.  Adam and I both caught it within days of each other.  Suffice … Continue reading

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Windpipe of our enemies

North Korea made news this week with its alleged testing of a hydrogen bomb.  Many have their doubts regarding the veracity of this claim but I’m not surprised.  After all, their “nuclear arsenal is mounted on launch pads, aimed at … Continue reading

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Outstanding orangutan

I dare you to watch this without smiling.  Something about an orangutan revealing all his teeth when he laughs– and rolling over and kicking his feet in amusement– warms my heart.  My children love this.  My parents love this.  What … Continue reading

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Waiting on Boaz

Perhaps the most significant lesson from the Bible comes from the story of Ruth and Boaz. Thank you, Kristal, for making my day.  First this hysterical broad and now detailed instructions for what to avoid in my love life?!  What … Continue reading

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Local news superstars

Ever wonder where they find some of the distinguished citizens offering commentary on the local news?  National news showcases polished professionals and expert witnesses, which makes for compelling features….but lacks the homegrown charm.  These two superstars serve as a reminder … Continue reading

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Bow down to royalty

Stumbling upon this meme made my day.  Therefore it deserves its own entry.  Represent. If you could invite seven guests to a dinner party, living or dead, who would they be?  Freddie Mercury most definitely receives an invitation to my … Continue reading

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