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You are NOT “pro-life.”

I despise the term “pro-life.”  It’s such a glaring misnomer and I refuse to use it anymore.  Let’s call it what it really is:  anti-choice. Although I would love nothing more than to to shame the ignorant morons picketing outside … Continue reading

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No on 1

“Regardless of your position on the difficult issue of abortion, as a voter in Tennessee you should be appalled at the deception that is written into the proposed Amendment 1 on the ballot for this general election.”~ The Tennessean Whenever … Continue reading

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Goth teens and fake nails

I am:  politically savvy; progressive; well-versed on current affairs; an avid reader; passionate about social justice issues; a college graduate; involved with my Unitarian Univeralist congregation; a feminist; and very opinionated.  You’d never know from my recent posts.  Lately all … Continue reading

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Some links

Suffering from anxiety is a full time job.  See 26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand.  It’s a comical look at a very serious problem.  #14, #16, #22 = story of my life.  Even a gorgeous, talented actress such as … Continue reading

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Glorious fall day

I spent my afternoon strolling through Carriage Crossing with Adam and Dad.  A pit stop at the Starbucks inside of Barnes and Noble hydrated us for our walk.  The pumpkin spice Frappucino was disappointing [#firstworldproblems], which surprised me seeing as … Continue reading

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Ain’t nothing but a G thang

My last post promised to speak more of my time with G.  There’s really nothing to say except that I suffered a severe allergic reaction that required my EpiPen and then I went into anaphylactic shock.  I kid, I kid.  … Continue reading

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