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Leap of faith

I participate in a daily challenge designed to foster growth in my small business.  Today we acknowledged how thankful we were for the many opportunities afforded to us by our decision to join the It Works Family.  So I shared … Continue reading

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Welcome 2016!

Not surprisingly I opted to stay home for new year’s eve.  Anthony invited us to attend the annual soiree at Memphis Botanic Garden [an epic private party where memories have been made on more than one occasion] but the combination … Continue reading

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Social butterfly Sloane

Blogging becomes quite difficult when your dance card stays full. Amber guarantees a calendar stuck on overdrive. I could retire before the end of January and have my social obligations fulfilled for the year. Since our paths crossed I’ve met … Continue reading

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My dear friend Bethany invited me to Highpoint Church with her two weeks ago.  No sooner than I walked through the door did I realize it wasn’t your typical Bible Belt affair– emblazoned on the front of the program handed to … Continue reading

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Still going strong

Back in September I shared 10 Things I Love About Z, a list that grows with every passing day.  It’s impossible to delineate all that’s incredible about my boyfriend– and why our relationship just works— and twenty bullet points doesn’t … Continue reading

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Some links

Suffering from anxiety is a full time job.  See 26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand.  It’s a comical look at a very serious problem.  #14, #16, #22 = story of my life.  Even a gorgeous, talented actress such as … Continue reading

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Almost enough online dating

Post written 8/30/13:  It’s been a week since I’ve been on any dates from the internet.  So much has happened in those seven days– but this is neither the time nor the place to discuss it.  Suffice it to say … Continue reading

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