Stolen phone

The title pretty much sums it up.  I’m livid.  When you are at the home of a ‘friend’ you assume their other company is legit; therefore, it is not necessary to bring your phone with you when you’re gone for two minutes to take a tinkle.  That mistake will never be repeated.  Neither will my failure to do a monthly backup to my computer.  Just a few days ago Allen downloaded iTunes so I could get everything saved on the desktop and clear up space on my device– this weekend’s project.  If only I acted sooner.  My last iCloud backup occurred 5 January.  Fortunately the majority of my photos are on social media.  Not all of them, however.  And I lost the number for a very important contact.

Treasure, please email me when you see  

As much as I want to put the address on blast and plot my revenge….I chose to conduct myself with integrity.  Let my behavior stand in stark contrast to their thievery.  Even though one person actually took the phone I say “they” because I’m sure at least one [if not more] of the 6-7 people there knows.  These people can work hard and earn money just like I do.  Instead they resort to stealing.  Shameful.


To the lowlife who stole my iPhone:

Congratulations on your new piece of visual art.  I hope you enjoy staring at it– because that’s all you’ll be able to do.  Without my passcode [unfortunately for you I’m not one of those 123456 types] the device is useless.  Apple places a premium on privacy [I would know considering I worked there] and cannot remotely access the phone or reset the passcode.  Nobody will ever get past the initial lock screen.

It didn’t have to go down this way.  I gave you multiple chances to produce the phone– stepping outside, using the bathroom in the rear of the home, and even going for a walk [with my purse of course].  I made sure that I  mentioned how ‘scatterbrained’ I was and said ‘it will turn up as soon as I’m not looking.’  I gave you an out! 

Here’s to hoping you find– or in your case, steal– a charger and plug that bad boy up.  I’d love to pinpoint your exact location with Find My iPhone.  But even if I never get that satisfaction, I will get another phone.  My insurance covers a stolen phone.  Of course I’ll have to speak with a representative and send a copy of the police report they require…but that extra monthly fee is well worth it in times like these.

What goes around comes around.


One very pissed off phone owner 

Filing a report with law enforcement is not how I envisioned my Saturday.  But you’ve gotta do what you gotta do.  I’m seriously considering a cord that connects my iPhone to a bracelet on my wrist so I’ll never be detached from it– much like those that have their glasses chained around their neck.  Does such a thing exist?


With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,




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