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Within ten minutes of hearing this glorious news I purchased two tickets.  You best believe we’ll be at the Paradiso on September 4th at 2pm.  I encourage anyone in the Memphis area [or within road trip distance] to buy tickets ASAP because I know they’ll sell out quickly.  There is an additional showing on the 7th if Sunday doesn’t work for your schedule.


Atreyu and Falcor share a moment.

Being able to share the adventure with Adam means the world to me.  Virtually every single weekend I rented The NeverEnding Story at Blockbuster.  It didn’t matter that I’d seen it a million times, my obsession never dwindled.  I can’t wait to see it on the big screen!  And I just now Adam will love it and become equally obsessed.


Speaking of all things awesome, Tattoos for Backpacks is back!  Bring a backpack filled with $50 of school supplies to Monster Ink [Hwy 64 or Covington Pike] between August 8th – August 15th and receive a $50 tattoo credit.  Helping local kids start school with all the necessities and scoring some new ink?! Win win.  You can also use the credit for a piercing if tats aren’t your thing.


John and Sloane take junior high by storm.

I cannot believe my godkids are in middle school!  Seriously?!  Where does the time go?  I remember feeding them macaroni and cheese cups in their high chairs when they were less than a year old.  They look so mature here.  Little Sloane even got her first ‘big girl’ hair appointment, complete with highlights and a venti Starbucks drink.  =)


Is it my bedroom or is it my office? Both!

The stars aligned to bless me with a new job.  In addition to my business, I will be working as a customer service agent from the privacy of my own home.  Endless thanks to Holly for referring me to this opportunity.  My materials just arrived via FedEx and I begin training Monday.  It’s a full-time job…40 hours, 5 days a week.  Between that and It Works I am no longer stressed regarding finances.  What a relief.  How grateful I am to be my own boss and working from home.  I don’t have to sacrifice time with my children and I still have the freedom to pursue my writing and other endeavors about which I am passionate.


Memphis skyline

Elvis.  Barbecue.  The First 48.  The odds are ever in my favor that I will hear at least one of these references when I inform a ‘foreigner’ that I reside in Memphis.  Despite the crime and other…divisive issues…plaguing our city, I absolutely adore Memphis.  And I am so proud to call it my home.  Those of us who live here can poke fun at our city.  Those who don’t cannot have that privilege.  😉

If you have ever been a part of Memphis, do not miss You Know You’re From Memphis If… courtesy of our beloved Memphis Flyer.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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