The waiting game

This marks the second [and hopefully last] occasion I’ve had strep throat as an adult.  I can’t remember ever having it as a child though I probably did.  Adam and I both caught it within days of each other.  Suffice it to say we’ve been miserable at this house.  But not too miserable to finish Making A Murderer, read a book, and start another.  Regarding Murderer, I want to do some additional resource instead of relying on a single source before I declare my opinion, but from what I’ve seen it’s…troubling.

Shay shared two books of Philippa Gregory’s with me while we were at GH.  I’m so glad she did because I never would have read them otherwise.  When I stumbled upon a new book of hers at the library I snatched it up quickly.  Being transported back to the world of Henry VIII fascinates me.  Now I’m doing a Netflix binge and watching The Tudors.  Again.

Another book I checked out at the library was Klandestine, timely considering the recent observation of Martin Luther King day.  Ever cognizant of the notoriety associated with Memphis as a result of Dr. King’s assassination, I gravitate towards materials covering the civil rights era.


Tony Stark

Now for some rambling from my semi delirious fever stricken mind….

Tony Stark celebrates two years as a member of the family.  We love our leopard gecko.  Most people don’t expect much out of reptiles.  Ostensibly they lack the charm of, say, a dog or cat, but let me be the first to tell you this little guy has personality coming out the wazoo.  Note to self:  get a video of Tony eating a super worm.

Nashville received my paperwork in its entirety for Operation Biological Information last month.  Now we’re just playing the waiting game.  I’ve purposely kept my expectations low.  If I receive anything substantial in terms of identifying information I’m honestly not sure what I’ll do with it.  Do a Facebook search and be like:  Greetings and salutations.  I know this is awkward but am I your offspring?  Oh, and speaking of questions, have I got some for you!  I feel like I owe it to the biologicals [I refer to them as ‘they’ but this is really an umbrella term to mean biological mother, biological father, or biological anything else] to at least thank them for giving me a wonderful life, assure them they made the right decision, and inform them they have two of the most incredible grandchildren.  Yet I also have to be realistic in the sense that they may not welcome contact from me.  That’s fine too.  I wouldn’t take it personally or be hurt in any way.

Somebody asked me if I was upset that they have not actively tried to find me.  Of course not.  First of all, I don’t know how easy it is for them to do so.  I’m not sure if they can initiate the process the same way I did or it has to be the adoptee who gets the ball rolling.  Even if they could start the search and chose not to, I understand.  If it were me personally I’d be wishing, hoping, and praying my biological child wanted to connect…but I would respect that the decision was entirely up to them to do so if and when the time felt right.  And if they’re not respectfully waiting on the sidelines and simply want nothing to do with me?  Then I can respect their choice too.  The last thing I would ever want is to remind somebody of an uncomfortable time in their life that they are trying to leave behind or burden them in anyway.

Not that anyone cares but I stopped doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The topics just didn’t excite me.  As much as I love certain elements of pop culture I’m largely unaware of much of what is considered ‘popular’ and find it difficult to devote an entire blog to such things.  It served its purpose in terms of chipping away at my writer’s block and I’m grateful for the new connections I made.


With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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