Rams, Ciara, PLL

Much of these ‘trending topics’ involve sports and entertainment.  If I’m not a fan of a particular entertainer my only knowledge of them comes from TMZ and People.  The same goes for athletes.  Sports don’t interest me in the least.  I’m sharing with you the three ideas from today and the first thoughts that went through my head upon reading them.


Los Angeles. If you keep reading I promise it’s relevant.

RamsIsn’t that an angry sheep with horns?  How is this important?  Did somebody illegally slaughter a ram?  Oh wait, that’s a sports team…and theSkimm just told me they are moving to Los Angeles.  Some people probably care.  I am not one of them. 

Pretty Little LiarsMegan’s been addicted to that show for years.  I know it has something to do with somebody named A and high school kids trying to cover something up or figure something out.  Maybe both.  There is mystery and suspense and cliff hangers.  But I have never seen it.  After seeingg The Bachelor I realize I’ve missed out on guilty pleasure TV so perhaps I should binge watch this.

Ciara (due to her choice of dress)There are always best and worst dressed lists from events and people often disagree on them.  So this ensemble must have been pretty…something…to warrant so much discussion.  ::Googles ‘Ciara’s dress’::


Ciara posted the dress in question on her Twitter.

Ciara looks beautiful.  Critics argued her outfit was too revealing for a family friendly sporting event.  Yes there is a plunging neckline but given the modesty everywhere else I do not find it distasteful.  In fact, I think the elegance of her dress worked against her, which to me seems a bit of a double standard.  If this was a kooky costume from Katy Perry [not dissing her in any way] people would react differently.  Yet because this looks like evening formal wear it’s an issue because it’s heavy on the cleavage.  You can’t win for losing when it comes to getting dressed these days.  How grateful I am that nobody cares what I wear and I’m not photographed whenever I leave the house or make an appearance.

Now that I am officially up to speed with the Ultimate Blog Challenge I give myself permission to be lazy for the rest of the night.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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2 Responses to Rams, Ciara, PLL

  1. Megan says:

    You HAVE to watch Pretty Little Liars!! It sucks you in!! The winter premiere was last night at it flashed 5 years forward so they are now older and such!! Keeps getting better!! You must at least try it out!! 🙂

  2. I saw the first few episodes of Pretty Little Liars, and then I missed the rest of that season. I refuse to watch it because I keep telling myself I need to watch on it Netflix from the beginning to the end…. We’ll see if I ever get around to that!

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