Blog Challenge and The Bachelor

I struggle periodically with Cocktails With Hemingway.  Mostly it’s some combination of lack of computer access and/or not enough hours in the day.  Lately it’s been a form of writer’s block worsened by my own perfectionist tendencies.  I’ll delete an entire paragraph because I can’t find the right word within a single sentence.  If I can’t devote sufficient time to thoroughly explore a topic to my satisfaction I’ll skip it altogether.  Dare I say it feels more like a chore than an art form I adore?

Ideas overflow and opinions run rampant– the issue never involves lack of material.  Instead it appears I lost sight of why I write this blog.  It’s just that:  my personal blog.  A place where I can write whatever I want with no constraints, not a Pulitzer worthy piece of literature.  This isn’t a paycheck, it’s not getting published, I’m not contractually bound, I have nothing to prove, it’s not being graded….it’s for me because I love writing.  So why am I stressing myself and obsessing over technicalities?  I’ve always said I would write even if nobody ever read it, and that’s true, especially for this blog.  Time to stop fixating on whether or not it sounds good and write what I feel.  It doesn’t have to profound or hilarious or anything even remotely resembling my best work.


Don’t I look like someone who appreciates profound material?  (2012)

Stumbling upon the Ultimate Blog Challenge seemed timely and appropriate.  Committing to a daily post determined by someone other than myself offered a solution to my blogging woes.  I can’t guarantee I will participate as intended each day but I certainly plan to complete the challenge with as few double doses as possible.

Each morning a new prompt awaits in my inbox focused on trending topics.  Although I’d prefer something along the lines of a statement or a question, maybe even specific concept, I’m not complaining because it’s not my challenge.  I signed up on the fifth of January so my assignments did not include the first four days of the month.

Topics 1 and 2 pertain to football.  Pass.  Everything I know about Steve Jobs I could summarize in a sentence.  Delete.  Which left The Bachelor.


Season 20’s cast of The Bachelor

Everything I know about ABC’s hit show I’ve learned from People magazine or my newsfeed.  I am familiar with the general premise but have never watched an episode nor had any desire to add it to my [virtually non-existent] television rotation.  Quite frankly I dismissed it as one of those shows lumped in with the Real Housewives or Keeping Up With The Kardashians franchises– frivolous, vapid fluff ‘beneath’ me.

My main problem with the show centers around the marriage proposal during the finale.  All but two contestants are eliminated and the winner gets an engagement ring.  Transitioning from complete stranger to fiance within a matter of weeks is ridiculous.  Furthermore, the reality television setup leaves participants ill equipped for navigating their romance in the real world.  I understand producers seek ratings and these lavish dates and juicy scandals draw viewers.  Yet I wonder how much genuine moments and unscripted action translate to the small screen.  What happens off camera?  Is the bachelor honestly expecting to find true love?  Are the contestants motivated by the hope of a happy ending, a paycheck, their 15 minutes of fame, or all of the above?

With that being said I find the concept intriguing.  However, I’d make a few changes, namely the objective.  Marriage should not enter the equation during the final show.  Let the winner select their new boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other to remove unrealistic expectations of impending nuptials.  Use ‘real’ people.  I want to see bodies of all shapes and sizes, looks that aren’t necessarily in the supermodel category, and a variety of personal styles.  I want to see people with occupations that accurately resemble a cross section of society and not just those in the middle and upper classes.

Legions of fans [including several dear friends] religious follow The Bachelor.  Passionate and opinionated, they tune in Monday nights without fail.  I must admit a part of me is curious.  Perhaps I’ll watch the season 20 premiere this weekend…

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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I'm blunt and opinionated. Virtually everything I say or do is a contradiction but I'm not a hypocrite. I never hesitate to speak my mind and never fail to leave an impression wherever I go. You love me, you hate me, but you'll never forget me.
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