Welcome 2016!

Not surprisingly I opted to stay home for new year’s eve.  Anthony invited us to attend the annual soiree at Memphis Botanic Garden [an epic private party where memories have been made on more than one occasion] but the combination of lugging two rambunctious kids, the absence of my mistletoe kiss partner, and the self-imposed lack of champagne made sitting on the couch in our pajamas sound strangely appealing.  Which ended up working out for the best because we got down with our bad selves…and were all in bed before midnight.


None of us made it to the ball drop but we sure had fun in the process.

I started my year in the best possible way with Early Birds.  Food for my soul [and donuts for my belly], fellowship with people I love, and copious amounts of coffee– what more could I want?  Originally the kids and I were going to make an appearance at an afternoon gathering at the home of a friend from Neshoba but Adam woke with a tummy bug.  Instead we’ve spent the day lounging at home.  The only thing on my agenda involves a date to begin watching Making A Murder after the wee ones are asleep.


Their first pictures of the new year.

Last year was one of the best so I can’t wait to see what the next 365 days will bring.  2015 granted me the most important gift of my life:  sobriety.  Despite the soul crushing loss of Thomas Bosi and the grief of losing other loved ones, I experienced extraordinary friendships and relationships, all of which impacted me greatly.  Walking by my side on this journey is the man I love with all my heart, Joey Carter.  j

One of these dudes brings joy to my world. The other I could go the rest of my life without seeing. I’ll let you guess which is which.

“In the new year, I will live one day at a time.  I will make each day one of preparation for better things ahead.  I will not dwell on the past or the future, only on the present.  I will bury every fear of the future, all thoughts of unkindness and bitterness, all my dislikes, my resentments, my sense of failure, my disappointments in others and in myself, my gloom and my despondency.  I will leave all these things buried and go forward, in this new year, into a new life.” ~ Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Simply put, every day offers a fresh slate.  2016 is a large group of mini new years– 365 of them to be exact– the sum of all parts.  Make the best of your 24 hours and remember the clock resets itself tomorrow.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



About Cocktails With Hemingway

I'm blunt and opinionated. Virtually everything I say or do is a contradiction but I'm not a hypocrite. I never hesitate to speak my mind and never fail to leave an impression wherever I go. You love me, you hate me, but you'll never forget me.
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