Joyeux Noël

“Merry Christmas 🎄
Santa’s elves sure were busy last night.  The kids awoke to presents under tree and stockings stuffed with goodies.  Although it’s not about the amount of stuff or dollars spent I am so grateful my parents generously gifted my children when I could not financially do so. 🎁
Whatever your religious/spiritual path [or lack thereof] I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and remembers the reasons for the season.  I’m more excited about Jacob’s Well tomorrow than anything tangible.  It was also immensely rewarding to watch my family open their White Envelope gift.  They were filled with joy and satisfaction knowing that a meaningful contribution was made to women in recovery in their honor. 👭
Most importantly, this is the first sober Christmas I’ve had entirely by choice.  I could not be happier.  That’s a true holiday miracle.  ‘Blessed’ is an understatement. 󾮞” – Facebook


Our official Santa shot for 2015

Accomplishing a scrapbook worthy family photo with Santa proves challenging.  Decor should be festive and elegant not tacky to set the ambiance.  Santa should be cheerful and authentic not a bored man with a beard who is counting down the minutes until break time, truly enjoying the opportunity to engage with the kiddos.  And that’s before children even enter the photo.

Wolfchase Galleria offered the perfect setup.  Bonus points for the fact that there was no line.  With surprisingly little effort [chalk it up to the ice cream bribe] both children looked and smiled.  Score one for Mom.


Spoiled by the ghosts of iPhones past, I find myself frustrated by the mediocre photo/video capabilities of my tablet.  As a result I fail to document moments as I should.  No more excuses.  Capturing memories trumps being a control freak.  If the rest of the world can deal with slightly grainy pictures and somewhat shaky videos then so can I.

In the true spirit of letting go I choose to extend this all of my holiday endeavors.  More noteworthy than anything on my Christmas agenda is what is not included.  ‘No’ comprises an entire sentence, one I don’t hesitate to say.  I don’t have to do everything.  I don’t want to do everything.  Overextending myself and overs cheduling tends to backfire with me.  The stress associated with attempts to micromanage and live up to unrealistic expectations just isn’t worth it.  In fact, rather than panic and rush around like a chicken with my head cut off over Christmas cards, I opted to send cards for the new year instead.  Voila.  Problem solved.

Make no mistake:  we enjoyed an eventful and fulfilling Christmas season.  Both Adam and Tatum celebrated with parties at their respective schools.  I helped Adam’s class make gingerbread houses one afternoon and assisted with the actual party several days later.  We went to Christmas Eve Candlelight at Neshoba.  Some members of my extended family may be coming over this afternoon.  Our last big holiday hurrah includes Starry Nights, which will happen within the next few days.

My only complaint involves being separated from Joey throughout all the fanfare.  Instead of dwelling on the fact that I’m not spending Christmas with him, I focus on positive aspects of this less than ideal situation.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  We have the rest of our lives to create holiday memories.  Being apart reminds us what’s most important.


I cannot emphasize enough my gratitude for the immense blessing of a clear headed Christmas.  Sure I’ve been clean and sober before but this marks the first time doing so entirely of my own free will– without being in a controlled environment or trying to appease others.  What a gift it is to give my loved ones peace of mind.  Not because I have to but because I want to…I have the freedom to choose and I made my choice.

My holidays weren’t perfect.  Like everyone else I experienced stress, frustration, anxiety, loneliness, plans gone awry, and general chaos.  But at least I didn’t pick up this year.  I remember the holidays exactly as they were and dealt with life on life’s terms.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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