Strep throat and romantic introspection

Ferris Bueller My son decided he needed some time off last week.  He played hooky for two consecutive days.  Monday an ‘earache’ rendered him unable to attend school.  Tuesday he didn’t even bother with a phantom ailment; he was simply “too tired.”  Fearing continued loss of privileges he practically ran out the door to make an appearance on Wednesday.  Mommy and the grandparents are onto your game, kiddo.  We will not hesitate to yank that tablet from your truant hands or dole out other first world punishments.  Don’t test the authority figures.

Needless to say we weren’t amused when Adam went for round three on Thursday.  Just when I was about to call the North Pole and tell Santa to skip our house entirely…he started vomiting.  Insert teachable moment about the boy who cried wolf.


If Dr. K was your pediatrician you’d be smiling too.

Although he seemed better on Friday morning he had not yet passed the 24 hour puke free threshold so we kept him out of school.  Just to err on the side of caution we took him to the doctor– smart move– because his strep test came back positive.  He did not have a sore throat so we never would have guessed he needed an antibiotic.  Oddly enough once we returned home, within a few hours of leaving the pediatrician, he was as sick as I’ve ever seen him.  His fever spiked, he had zero appetite, and could do little more than moan on the couch.  It broke my heart seeing him so ill.  Sure he’s had tummy bugs and colds, but I have never witnessed him in such a state.  I felt so helpless.  Mercifully he improved with several days of medicine and is go for launch regarding school tomorrow.

Worth noting is the fact that Adam was a total trooper and endured a ridiculously long car ride after his checkup so I could retrieve the necessary paperwork for Operation Biological Information.  All the necessary documents are in the mail!


December 15th marks six months with Joey.  Honestly it feels like six years.  Having met in Raleigh long ago both of us experience the skewed time associated with that place.  A day seems like a week.  A week seems like a month.  Shared history and an established friendship before we became a couple only increases this sense of additional time.  Past aside, I cannot wait to see what our future holds….

Reading 4 No-Nonsense Ways To Have A Great Relationship reminded me of a recent discussion between us.  When it comes to the command of “calling out each other’s BS” I see just how much I’ve grown.  In the past I was more than happy [even overzealous at times] to bring attention to the error of so and so’s ways.  Yet I would fly off the handle if so and so pointed out something negative about me.  It was immature and unhealthy.  How grateful I am those days are gone.

Joey and I keep each other in check but we do so in a way that is constructive, coming from a place of genuine love and mutual respect.  I do not attempt to rip him to shreds by throwing character defects and/or mistakes in his face.  I appreciate the fact that he alerts me when I become complacent or start sliding back into old behaviors.  We accept one another unconditionally, flaws and all.

I love you.  ♥

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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