Commence OBI

Operation Biological Information shared the initial stages of my journey to discover my birth parents.  Notice the date reads September of last year.  Fifteen months passed with complete radio silence from the State.  It might seem odd that the lack of response slipped my mind but my inquiry was put on the back burner and ultimately forgotten.

Until today. 

adoption.jpgAn acquaintance of mine works as an esthetician.  Praising the quality of of my skin, she asked my heritage while were chatting this morning.  I briefly explained that I knew nothing about my ancestry as a result of being adopted.  She enthusiastically informed me that she believed I was black Irish.  Intrigued, we Googled it.  Based on the photos I saw and the characteristics described I think she makes a valid point.

Our discussion reminded me just how much I wanted Ancestry’s DNA test.  How cool would it be to discover my provenance on a global scale?!

[[ SIDENOTE:  I always said that I would demand a refund from a DNA test if it determined I was not Russian.  Let me amend that statement to say I would gladly embrace the Irish background.  Just as long as there’s some русский in there too. ]]


Check out those black Irish [we think] features.

Upon sharing the hypothesis with my mother she asked if I ever heard any results from Nashville regarding my adoption records.  I said no.  With her encouragement I ventured downstairs to find the number for ye olde Cordell Hull Building.  The machine told me to leave my contact information and within 48 hours someone would get back to me.

What a pleasant surprise to receive a call within the hour.  Apparently the lack of response meant the state was not moving forward with my request due to lack of payment.  I politely explained that I submitted documentation proving I met the criteria to waive the fee [obtaining sealed adoption records costs $150].  Unbeknownst to me there is a specific form used for this process so my copies of financial records were insufficient.  She told me I should have been contacted–but nobody ever phoned, emailed, or sent a letter.  Because so much time has lapsed I have to start the entire process over from square one.  Here we go again…

Tomorrow morning I will pick up the form in person as opposed to waiting a week for it to be mailed.  My goal is to have everything I need at the post office by the time the kids come home from school.  Operation Biological Information is in full effect.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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2 Responses to Commence OBI

  1. Ellen rardin says:

    The DNA tests are fantastic cheap and a tremendous help to adopted people

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