*R.i.P.* Tiffany

Tiffany Lee Brandon Lawrence

8/6/1988 – 4/10/2015

Tiffany  <3

Tiffany ❤

Sweet darling, I only had the privilege of meeting you once, and talking to you a few times after that.  You made such an impression on me.  I’ll never forget your grace and hospitality– not to mention our children’s mutual love for each other!  Your contagious smile and giddy laughter lingers in my mind.  This was not your time to go.

Please give if you are able.  Tiffany leaves behind a grieving family and two precious daughters without their mother.


Who would have thought these two would be back in business?

Long ago and far away Brittany Underwood [now Wright] was one of my very best friends.  I can easily list a million memories, inside jokes, and common ground between us– and knew unequivocally her loyalty and vice versa.

Shit happens.

We engaged in a nuclear fallout and hadn’t spoken for six years.  Isn’t it funny that I don’t remember specifics?  Things must not have been that horrible if I have no recollection of what led to our separation!  Our mutual agreement at Tiffany’s service was we both made mistakes, we’re both sorry, and we’re both leaving it in the past where it belongs.  I understand it will take time to build trust and reach the relationship we once had…but I also know the hallmark of true friendship is being able to pick up exactly where you left off, regardless of circumstance.  Brittany, I’m eternally grateful you are in my life again, and so sorry it took a death to bring us back to life.

A day I'll forever cherish. Tiffany; her daughter, Mary Lynn; Brittany; Adam; and me  (2009)

A day I’ll forever cherish. Tiffany; her daughter, Mary Lynn; Brittany; Adam; and me (2009)

Anger serves as my dominant emotion when it comes to Tiffany’s loss.  I am livid, enraged, infuriated.  Every day I remind myself that it is not my responsibility to play god.  The wheels of justice grind slowly but I cling onto a shred of hope that the person responsible for abruptly halting her life will spend the rest of his life in prison.  If a court of law fails to hold him accountable then he will answer to his maker.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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  1. It’s brittany– -call me asap!

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