Poor, poverty, homeless, panhandling

Infusing complimentary commitments with instant noodles takes the whole Ramen experience up a notch.  Broke college students [and unattached heterosexual bachelors] everywhere can attest to this fact.  I can laugh at this image because I’ve been there.

poverty….but there’s nothing funny about poverty.  I hear people constantly complain about being ‘broke.’  Perhaps they don’t have money to blow but few of these individuals would be considered poor, much less living in poverty.  Click here for the poverty guidelines in the United States.  I know I’m guilty of using these terms too loosely.

Different levels of poverty exist throughout society.  A significant portion includes what is commonly referred to as the working poor.  What a stressful, frustrating, and oftentimes overwhelming reality for countless Americans.  Being amongst this class presents a unique set of challenges and sacrifices, some of them included in 12 Things That Only The Working Poor Will Understand.  Whether or not you have ever identified as such I suggest you read this enlightening article.

The most severe form of poverty occurs amongst the homeless.  Such is the case with poverty itself, varying levels of homelessness exist.  Anyone sleeping in a hotel, shelter, or car technically does not have a home.  Consider those the ‘lucky’ homeless.  Those without a vehicle or a roof over their head end up on the streets.  More often than not those in such a dire predicament resort to panhandling.

Seeing a dirty, disheveled person on the side of the road holding a sign produces a variety of reactions– most of them negative.  Many assume that the ‘bum’ should ‘put down the bottle’ or ‘get a job’ because it’s ‘their fault’ they ended up this way.  Some of those things are indeed true to a certain extent.  However, that person holding a sign is still a human being who is worthy of respect.  3 Ways to Responsibly and Compassionately Respond to Panhandling offers excellent tips for an oftentimes uncomfortable situation.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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