Local news superstars

Ever wonder where they find some of the distinguished citizens offering commentary on the local news?  National news showcases polished professionals and expert witnesses, which makes for compelling features….but lacks the homegrown charm.  These two superstars serve as a reminder why it’s always best to stay local.

Antoine Dodson reigns supreme as the best local news interview in the history of mankind.  Usurping Antoine Dodson isn’t possible.  His message to the would-be rapist set the bar impossibly high for native talent.  I give credit where credit is due– having sung the praises of world’s best local news superstar multiple times on this blog— and I command you to revere his brilliance.  Never.  Gets.  Old. 

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How my heart aches that this exchange was so brief.  A woman with such passion should not be relegated to a clip.  Show me more.  Between the Reba shirt, the toddler who never flinches nor releases her hold on mama’s knee [wearing only a PullUp nonetheless!], and the outraged kick that puts Bruce Lee to shame– I’m obsessed.  She’s like a combination between Mama June and an MMA fighter.  Apologies for the indignities of overzealous law enforcement violating your sacred porch space, my dear.

Huge bonus points for the video’s caption:  When the swat team rolls in and you chillin’ on the porch…

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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1 Response to Local news superstars

  1. Sarah Scoggin says:

    LOVE Antoine Dodson! You’re so right: best video ever! In the history of the world! I never get tired of watching and laughing! “You are SO dumb” T-shirts should be given out to all incoming College students so they’ll remember to have a sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously.

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