Obligatory Valentine acknowledgement

My special valentine manifested itself in the Starbucks drive thru this morning. 

Upon approaching the window the cashier told me that the car in front of me was feeling generous and had paid for my order.  Too cool!  I hear of those sort of things happening but have never experienced it firsthand.  What a pleasant surprise.  So of course I handed him my card to treat the vehicle behind me.  Thank you to whoever started my morning off the right way– I truly appreciate your random act of kindness and it was a much needed pick me up on a less than stellar day.

valentineWith two [free!] venti drinks in tow, I made my way to the student I tutor Saturday mornings, sufficiently caffeinated.  Sadly the extra boost did nothing to help the awful cold/sinus/strep that just won’t leave me alone.  I could barely trudge through the session and immediately went to the doctor after it ended.  Apparently a severe upper respiratory infection is the source of my misery, and I am the grateful recipient of three antibiotics.  Did I go home and sleep?  Surely you jest.  Hell hath no fury like an Adam [whose play date with his best friend gets cancelled] scorned….so I was forced to suck it up and endure 45 minutes of screaming children at the McDonald’s Playplace.

Meet Wolverine and Bear

Meet Wolverine and Bear

Build-A-Bear animals created last weekend were my Valentine gift to my children.  Thanks to a ‘2 for $30’ special they each got their own furry friend.  Originally the plan was to share one– yeah right– so this unexpected deal eliminated a lot of hassle.  Adam wasn’t bowled over by the limited choices so I appeased him with military gear for his dog, Wolverine.  Conversely, Tatum reveled in the pink explosions and required no extra fanfare.  All left happily clinging to their new snuggle buddies.

PARENTS:  How do you explore the notion of gender specific items with your youngsters?  Adam’s primary complaint centered around the lack of ‘boy’ options.  He refuses anything ‘girly.’  What’s the best way to address this with him?  Advertisers bombard children and shape their impressions about gender and ways its delineated.  I want to undo some of the damage done by media exposure.  Other than limiting television and encouraging a diversity of activities, what should I do?  Luckily my church will be instrumental in this process but I want advice from other parentals.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,




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