Last leisurely weekend

….before my chaotic schedule commences.

Tomorrow morning I’ll hit the ground running with my new job.  My itinerary can best be described as a clustereff.  Working full-time in sales with a side job tutoring after hours proves challenging for the best of us.  Factor in two young kids [with single mom status], varying childcare availability, lack of personal vehicle, and severely limited resources….suffice it to say it’s insanely difficult on a good day.  It truly takes a village.  Multiple dots must be connected simultaneously.  I couldn’t do it alone.  Heartfelt gratitude to those who assist me as I pursue professional endeavors, without you this would be impossible.

Lazy Saturdays

Lazy Saturdays

These past few weeks left me euphoric, frustrated, proud, overwhelmed– and filled with sheer gratitude above all else– as I immersed myself fully in the duties of parenting.  Rarely leaving the house without one or both of my children I made no effort to socialize.  Two years ago I doubted whether Adam and Tatum would ever sleep under the same roof.  Never again will they be separated.  That horrific nightmare no longer exists.  I live for the moments, whether insignificant or profound, where I can just be their mother.  Abundant laughter and occasional tears permeated our home as my kids and I savored every moment of our time together before drastic scheduling changes yank us from our domestic reverie.


Giving love to the stuffed animal hearts

What better weekend to spoil my kiddos and make some lasting memories?  Saturday consisted of sleeping in [that’s a relative term considering the age of my offspring] and watching TV, followed by a Mexican lunch.  Next we went to Carriage Crossing to create stuffed animals at Build-A-Bear and stock up on the earring sale at Claire’s because Mommy has a Peter Pan complex appreciates cheap jewelry.  The trust and freedom associated with such outings reaffirms my commitment to a new way of life.

Shelby Farms Park

Woodland Discovery Playground = Heaven

After church I shuttled the wee ones to Woodland Discovery Playground.  How did I miss this glorious gem?!  Though it opened while I was in California, there’s simply no excuse for not visiting this delightful oasis sooner considering I’ve been home a hot minute.  All three of us were equally obsessed.  Both kids want their birthday parties there.  I didn’t want to go.  They didn’t want to go.  Words cannot even come close to adequately depicting this little slice of heavily wooded paradise.  Bonus points for the futuristic twist on the old school see saw!

Ladies who lunch

Ladies who lunch

What a shame I’m off to corporate America right as Tish and I really started to bond.  Over these past few days we’ve lunched at Tao Too Asian Eatery, Ronnie Grisanti’s, and Sakura— when we weren’t shopping at Sheffield Antiques Mall or fueling up at Square Beans Coffee prior to walking the Square in Collierville.  I’m going to miss our outings.  Yet I’m grateful for the time spent getting to know my aunt better.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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