Coastal Sloane

The pinnacle of my weekend was not a certain sporting event; instead, it occurred by 2pm Friday.  Guess who now has a primary job with traditional hours?! 

My friend constantly raved about her job and suggested I look into it.  Much to my dismay they weren’t hiring at the time although I was very much interested.  Last week a position became available.  Thanks to a personal recommendation from Birdie I was asked to come in for an interview.  After speaking with the Trainee Manager and briefly shadowing two employees I was sent upstairs to interview with the Director– who hired me on the spot.  Meet the new Sales Associate for a promotional marketing firm with nationwide clients.  I start 9 February and work weekdays from 8:15am until 3pm.  Come March I’ll be eligible for health insurance, glory hallelujah!

Bonus points for counting Birdie amongst my colleagues– not since Maris have I worked with one of my closest friends.


Unlike most sales jobs my position involves no cold calling.  Having leads provided helps tremendously.  Also unlike most sales jobs [at least the ones on my resumé] I will be telemarketing working exclusively over the phone.  I’m especially looking forward to a paycheck that includes an hourly wage and commission.  Straight commission presents a multitude of challenges so I appreciate something steady in addition to performance based reward.

Writing remains my greatest passion so I’m always seeking to incorporate words into both my personal and professional lives.  Freelancing offers me a chance to build a portfolio and make a few extra bucks.  Yet it shames me how little writing I’ve done for my personal ideas lately….and by ‘little’ I mean non-existent.  The discrepancy between the massive quantities of work I yearn to produce versus completed projects makes me want to cry.  Time to stop the broken record and start working towards accomplishments.  Baby steps.

Of course I still tutor twice a week and find that work immensely rewarding.  How grateful I am for two jobs and freelance opportunities.  Life is good.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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  1. Sarah says:

    Congratulations! Tell me about it this week!

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