Road trippers

T-minus 3 hours until Amber and I hit the open road. 

Have I packed or made any last minute preparations?  Of course not.  Procrastination is a virtue.  I choose to blame my distraction on the fact that I’m giddy with excitement.  Knowing that I’ll be spending the night in Spring Hill with Maris makes me squeal with glee!  I kid you not.  My Soul Sister and I haven’t seen each other since she and the twins made a 48 hour visit to Memphis at the end of October.  Oh, how I miss her.

Magic is always made when S&M come together.

Magic is always made when S&M come together.

Tonight we’ll have a relaxed night at home with her family.  I’m looking forward to touring the new house, seeing her husband for the first time in months, and giving Amber the opportunity to bond with my closest friend.  We’ll venture into Nashville tomorrow afternoon for some time downtown and a visit to Patterson House.  Best of all our trio will rendezvous with Shay and Angelica– my beloved comrades from GH– for dinner that night.  Seeing these women will be the icing on the cake.

Saturday's destination

Saturday’s destination

Amber’s only slightly neurotic about planning so she chose the dinner venue [along with virtually everything else in the itinerary] but it was a welcome relief to pass the planning torch to someone else.  Ladies, I’ll be texting you once we get on the road with the time and place of our top secret outing.  😉

After a second night in Spring Hill we’ll say our goodbyes to Sunday morning…and taking a quick detour to Cookeville before heading home.  I want to show Amber our family home and visit the cemetery.  My parents and I just did the astonishing math that we haven’t been there since Gideon and Carly’s wedding shower in 2006.  Thankfully I have the opportunity to remedy that situation this weekend….but I will never let so much time lapse before returning to such an important place to our family narrative.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,




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