Last December Saturday

Saturday sent me on an emotional rollercoaster.  Cliché as it may sound, I found myself pondering the circle of life and all its bittersweet manifestations.  Two people very dear to my heart commemorated their birthdays.  A very special little girl would have blown out four candles.  One of my very best friends had a church full of people celebrating her life.  And then I closed out the day by maintaining my sobriety in a martini bar and making new friends.

Family is everything.

Family is everything.

Aunt Tish met the extended family on her birthday.  We traveled to our home away from home in Collierville for some quality time with loved ones.  Sometimes I wonder if our newest addition gets overwhelmed by all of the rambunctious children– I know I would [and frequently do]– but I hope amidst the chaos she enjoyed bonding with the cats and dogs.  Her birthday dinner with my dad, sans kiddos, must have been a welcome relief.  😉

The following morning she accompanied us to church, which she said she enjoyed.  I sincerely hope she comes again and gets to know our community.  Now that I have emerged from my Christmas slump I look forward to spending more time with my aunt.

[[ Sidenote:  Bonus points to Amber for tagging along with us to see Mother Theresa and chauffering us to Neshoba.  Brave woman, she is. ]]

S squared = spectacular

S squared = spectacular

Happy birthday to my favorite neighbor, Sarah!  Despite the fact that she’s engaged and living independently, she will always be my next door neighbor.  MWM for life.

Truth be told this year wasn’t always a leisurely walk in the cove for us.  I can think of several times we didn’t see eye to eye on things.  However, I know wholeheartedly that any disagreements stemmed from a place of love and concern.  What’s important is how quickly we bounce back from them.

Neighbs, I love you.  Thanks for always being there for my family and me.  I cherish your friendship more than you’ll ever know.  Very few people have been my friend for 20+ years and you’re one of them.  Your fiancé is such a lucky man to have you by his side.  Now to figure out how to break the news to Adam that the woman of his dreams is marrying someone else….

Fly high on your 4th, baby girl.

Fly high on your 4th, baby girl.

Losing Ashlyn epitomized the California nightmare of 2012.  How unspeakably cruel to see the life of a child snuffed out before they ever had a chance to truly live.  I think of her often.  What would she be like today?  Her mother, Chrissy, is never far from my mind.  It seems unreal how much we’ve endured, both together and apart.  I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child.  Chrissy, know that I am so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished and how well you’ve raised Xander.

Brandi and Raven

Brandi and Raven

The Celebration of Life for my darling Brandi took place at Mountainbrook Community Church in SLO.  I made the heartbreaking but necessary decision not to fly to California for occasion.  Raven graciously agreed to send me brochures and speeches were videotaped– so I eagerly anticipate being able to experience those things.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who contributed to her funeral fund. 

A wonderful evening after an emotional day.

A wonderful evening after an emotional day.

Amber facilitated her annual Ladies Night Out Event at Side Street Saturday night.  Despite the events of the day I was more than happy to attend.  I met some incredible women, laughed until my belly hurt, and even played Scrabble.  Spending time at one of my former debauchery spots with nothing more than a Shirley Temple in my hand felt like a personal victory.

Although I speak of the Circle of Life, my personal trajectory is anything but as I continue my upward ascent.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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