Belated giving of thanks

  A short list of things for which I am thankful: family; friends; Neshoba; a roof over my head; food in my belly; all the luxuries I don’t need; being alive; and the fact that I have a clear head with which to fully appreciate all of these blessings. 
However, I need to work on my gratitude the other 364 days a year. I must not become complacent and take these things for granted. May you all have a wonderful– and safe– holiday.IMG_0091fam2
Thanksgiving was decidedly low key this year.  We hosted the festivities which included Theresa; Gary; Hailey; Kinsey; Jordon; Ayden; Aunt Sarah; Uncle Tommy; Oliver; and Kat.  I hate that Gideon, Carly, and their boys had a previous engagement– Maris and Tasha were greatly missed as well– but there’s always Christmas.  Which is happening in three and a half weeks.  Gulp.

A certain amount of stress inevitably accompanies hosting.  Between the frantic cleaning, meticulously presented food, and clashing personalities it can be a bit much.  I chose to disengage as much as possible and savor every second with my children.  Watching Adam embrace his role as a big brother warmed my heart.  Tatum absolutely adores him and they’re enjoying each other’s company as playmates.  Can you believe I helped make these little people?!

adam1I avoid Black Friday shopping like the plague.  Instead, we went to Roosters [because my six year old needs more than just a haircut– he requires a men’s grooming center] where Ms. Lenore gave Adam a new ‘do.  Doesn’t he look handsome?  As much as we loved his shaggy mop of hair it was starting to interfere with his vision.  He tends to let his locks get long because he is not a fan of the closely cropped mane.  I’ll save the buzz cut story for another day.

tatumMy daughter is so stinking cute I can’t stand it.  Currently she’s going through a Mommy phase.  One of her favorite things to do is watch ‘baby Tay Tay’ videos on YouTube.  She insists on holding the phone and is mesmerized by seeing herself as an infant.  After seeing a video in which I burped her, she bolted upright in her crib and informed me that Baby, her doll, needed a good burping before bed.  Two minutes of vigorous patting later she produced a successful burp [complete with sound effects] and was ready for sleep.

Simply being mother to these two marvelous children fulfills me in ways I never imagined.  Helping them on their life journey is the responsibility for which I am most grateful. 

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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