Kerry Huckleberry MISSING


Kerry Huckleberry

Missing from Memphis • Last seen Sunday night (1/26) • Drives black Nissan Maxima • 26 years old • Without medication

khKerry Huckleberry was last seen Sunday night, January 26, 2013 watching the Grammys with her mother.  Sometime between 11-1 she left the house to go visit friends– and never made it.  Although she lives in Memphis she travels frequently to Southaven, Mississippi and has strong ties to that community.  She takes daily medication for seizures and does NOT have her prescription with her.  A text was sent from her text-only phone at 11:27 Sunday evening and there has been no activity since.  Several [seemingly normal] messages were sent from her Twitter account on Tuesday, January 28th….meaning she had to be around somebody to use their phone or computer.  It’s extremely concerning to her loved ones that she did not log onto her Facebook when she had internet access.  Also very concerning is the fact that at least one person saw Kerry Huckleberry on Tuesday and they’re not coming forward.

kh2Kerry Huckleberry, I love you.  Very few people ‘get’ me in this world and you’re one of them.  When you first went missing I assumed you just needed to blow off some steam or take a personal day.  However, it’s been four days now, and you don’t have your medicine.  Your family and friends are worried sick.  The way I see it is your are either choosing not to contact us or you don’t have a choice in the matter; I hope and pray it’s the former.  Whoever saw her on Tuesday needs to do the right thing and contact her mother or the Memphis Police Department at (901)545-2677. 

kh3Nobody understands more than me the need to fly under the radar for awhile, Kerry Huckleberry.  You know that.  And you also need to know that you don’t just go M.I.A. without letting at least one other human being know you’re safe.  If you’re in some sort of trouble there is nothing that cannot be resolved.  Nobody is mad at you….we’re worried and we’re frantic.  All we want to know is that you’re okay.  Call somebody.  Send a Facebook message.  Use Twitter.  Even if you have no desire to have a conversation or come home, just make contact.  We want to help you if you need it and/or you’ll let us.  I’m begging you to contact somebody– no questions asked– no explanation necessary. 

kh4If Kerry Huckleberry cannot communicate with us….I refuse to let my mind explore any possibility other than her being with somebody she knows.  Is that individual keeping her incapacitated in some form?  This can’t last forever.  But it can end right now with a phone call.  You are not a friend.  How dare you deny her access to potentially lifesaving medication?  How dare you keep her family in the dark?  You are harboring a missing person.  We will not stop looking for Kerry Huckleberry until she is found.

WE NEED TO KNOW THAT SHE IS SAFE.  Please come forward if you have any information about her disappearance.  Share her photo and information– currently circulating on Facebook— to maximize exposure.  Please keep her [and her loved ones] in your thoughts and prayers.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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1 Response to Kerry Huckleberry MISSING

  1. Don says:

    This is so sad and so many young ladies that have disappeared.I raised my daughter by myself,I can only imagine what this family is going through.My daughter disappeared over night just one nigh back when she was 16.That worried and scared me so bad.I hope and pray that she is found and safe.

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