Spotted again

Z and I recognized one of our monthly anniversaries on the 23rd.  Logging another thirty days isn’t worth much celebration [we’ll save that for the yearlies], but our day ended up being meaningful for a variety of reasons, two very special pictures among them. 

I know that's not a diehard LSU fan sporting a rival team's hoodie...

I know that’s not a diehard LSU fan sporting a rival team’s hoodie…

Kissing my masked [and bearded] beau

Kissing my masked [and bearded] beau

Congratulations, Z, on your second public appearance.  We learned the first time that you’re white.  Now we also know that you have facial hair.  Baby steps.  Here’s to hoping this starts a trend of frequent photos with increasing exposure.  Maybe one of these days you’ll even reveal your face.  Readers have no way of knowing what a handsome face you have because they probably think I’m hiding a grotesque gargoyle under there.

Worth noting is the location of these pictures:  sitting in his truck outside of Holmes Park.  Did you know ‘the park’ actually had a name, Sarah?!  I tend to forget.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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