No sleep tonight

It’s 4am on a frigid Friday night.  Technically it’s Saturday morning, but that change isn’t recognized until I slumber…which I’m obviously not doing.  Why would I do a silly thing like sleep when I could stay up playing on the internet?

If a country singer says it then it must be true.

If a country singer says it then it must be true.

Being a Tennessee resident [born and raised in the Volunteer State!] places me smack dab in the middle of the South.  WHAT.  Having a Southern significant other comes with certain signs– signs often lost on me because I’m so used to my culture– and I got a kick out of hearing somebody else articulate them.  Y’all be cognizant of these 15 Things That Happen When You Fall In Love With A Southerner.  Oh and P.S….moonshine doesn’t play.  Trust.

“A common narrative in today’s political arena is that the nation’s least fortunate only need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps – that they’re just not working hard enough.  What often goes unnoticed, however, are the overwhelming barriers that those living below the poverty line face on a daily basis.”  Nicole Goodkind illustrates the costly expense of being poor in the United States.  Refuting the notion that individuals can ‘bootstrap’ their way out of dire circumstances, she addresses some of the biggest obstacles faced by those living in poverty.

Diamonds just got even more eternal.

Diamonds just got even more forever.

Your penchant for diamonds can now follow you into the afterlife.  Thanks to a Swiss company that takes human remains and compresses them into diamonds, a luxurious alternative exists to the urn.  Converting your Memaw into precious stones doesn’t come cheap– expect to spend anywhere from $5,000-$20,000.+  To each their own.

Reaching a consensus amongst a group of women in their 20’s seems about as likely pigs flying while hell freezes over.  Luckily we can all agree on some things.  Such as the importance of personalized AIM profiles, ideal parenting as seen on 7th Heaven, and the fact that you can’t get pregnant from French kissing, to name a few.  Other gems include #12 – Put a man on the moon, fine.  But until Cher Horowitz‘s computerized closet is a household item we’re not impressed.


Would you expect anything less from his mugshot?

Stop the presses–  Justin Bieber was arrested Thursday.  If you’re MSNBC you’ll actually stop the press to interrupt Congresswoman Jane Harman discussing national security with some breaking news from Miami.  Celebrities fascinate people, I get it.  Hearing about a movie star’s trip to rehab somewhere between the chaos in Syria and the Olympics in Sachi hardly seems abnormal.  Yet this example of misguided priorities demonstrates a new kind of media low.

“…casually chipping away at the dignity of news reporting with a pick axe molded from the sharp, shattered discards of our national soul.”

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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