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How blessed I am to have Maris McLoskey in my life.  We even meet the criteria for finding a best friend.  Bonus points for including #13-#16.  Those [almost] compensate for the fact that sporting matching antennae, feeding each other cheese, and cutting Tater’s umbilical cord didn’t make the list.  Soul Sister love!

“Poverty colors nearly everything on your perspective on opportunities for advancement in life.  Middle class, educated people assume that anyone can achieve their goals if they work hard enough.  Folks steeped in poverty rarely see a life past working at the gas station, making the rent on their trailer, and self-medicating with cigarettes and prescription drugs until they die of a heart attack,” states Gina Crosley-Corcoran.  She analyzes various determinants of privilege through the lens of her abject poverty in childhood in Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person.

nirvanaHad I finished Hutchison with the rest of my classmates I would have graduated in 2004.  Yet I ended my high school career in 2003, skipping senior year to go straight to college.  It’s a minor technicality– the inability to claim graduation date– but I’ve always identified with the Class of ’04.   Which means the ten year reunion fast approaches.  Gulp.

Brain cancer took Amanda’s life this past April.  The Twitter account she left behind [@TrapedAtMyDesk] chronicled her life before and after the diagnosis, with her last message four days before her passing.  Digital consultant Shannon McKarney compiled a video of Amanda’s tweets— glimpses of the evolution from typical young adult to hospitals and illness– that capture her subject’s spirit.  We could all take a cue from Amanda’s final adventure.

The dining room of a dilapidated farmhouse in western Europe ( ©Niki Feijen)

The dining room of a dilapidated farmhouse in western Europe (Niki Feijen©)

Niki Feijen photographs decaying farmhouses and other forgotten buildings.  “His ‘Disciple of Decay’ series features abandoned family homes that must once have been filled with conversation and laughter, but now house only the crumbling belongings of their former occupants.”  The church picture gives me chills.

Our planet never ceases to amaze.  Natural oddities exist throughout the globe, inspiring and mystifying curious individuals.  Conspiracy theorists will be disappointed, however, offers explanations for each of these peculiar happenings.

TheUnhappyMeal-550x1005These Disturbing Fast Food Truths Will Make You Reconsider Your Lunch.  Truer words were never spoken.  I could easily go the rest of my life without ever eating fast food again.  Unhealthy choices with questionable [not to mention disgusting] ingredients dominate the menus, prepared by employees struggling to survive on minimum wage.  All this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

After a picture of him multitasking [brushing a toddler’s hair with an infant strapped to his chest] with his two daughters went viral, Doyin Richards offers his response“Until we can get to the point where men and women can complete the same parenting tasks and the reactions are the same, we will have problems.  If you want to create a statue for me for taking care of my daughters, create one for the moms who are doing the same damn thing everyday for their kids without receiving a ‘Thank you’ or an ‘Ooooh’ or ‘Ahhhh.'”  Too often society hears of deadbeat dads– and while it’s certainly refreshing to see a father go above and beyond– Richards makes a point when he says good parenting should be expected from all parents.  Be sure to check out his blog, Daddy Doin’ Work.

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