Fantastic Friday

Friday kept a smile on my face throughout– a wonderful day from start to finish.

Reunited and it feels so good

Reunited and it feels so good

Maris and I saw each other for the first time in ages.  What felt like forever was probably only a month, but that’s about 29 days too long.  Nourishment came first on our agenda and lunch at the new Sekisui left us completely awestruck.  Both of us enjoyed our meals– but that’s not why we’ll come back.  Sekisui’s most glorious feature did not involve their food.   A trip to the ladies room revealed the pièce de résistance:  a Toto Toilet.  We were mesmerized.  Lives were changed.  Such a brilliant device deserves its own post [complete with photo] and it will get one.

Suddenly I feel much lighter

Suddenly I feel much lighter.

Long overdue for a haircut, my iPhone found the salon in closest proximity to Ruby Tuesday, where Maris and I were rendezvousing with one of her friends.  Hair just doesn’t rank on my list of personal priorities.  My color comes from a box and I haven’t had a cut since Brandi worked her magic at cosmetology school….several weeks after Tatum made her debut.  I get so frustrated by my thick, unruly mane it wasn’t entirely a joke when I told my coworkers I wanted the ‘Sinead O’Connor.’  But I digress.  My stylist and I totally bonded– gracias por hacer un gran trabajo con mi pelo usted!  Count me amongst your regular clientele, Juan.  Hacking two thirds of my hair off felt liberating.

Iron Man suit not included

Iron Man suit not included

Hands down, the best part of my day involved the acquisition of Tony Stark, a leopard gecko.  Having owned one in the past [*R. i. P.* Zeus] I knew it would be a perfect ‘starter pet’ for Adam.  He’s beyond excited about his reptile companion.  Mr. Stark lives in my room but Adam assists with feeding and tank cleanings.  Saving Scales Reptile Rescue allowed us to adopt the newest member of our family–  I cannot say enough about the love and care they place into finding their animals good homes.  Endless thanks to my friend, Bryan, for helping make this possible.

Coming in a close second was a surprise visit from Z, whom I wasn’t expecting home for several more days.  I literally squealed upon seeing him, took off running, and jumped into his arms.  All is right in the world.  ❤

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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