Food medicine

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Annette Larkins grows her own produce for her raw food diet.  She juices, recycles rainwater, and adheres to a vegan lifestyle.  Her health is excellent and her energy levels high.  And can you believe she’s 70?!

I’m absolutely convinced that much of our society’s health problems can be attributed to food.  We are largely unaware of the nutritional value [or should I say lack thereof] for our meals.  We fill our bodies with junk because it’s convenient.  We disregard guidelines for servings and consume gargantuan portion sizes.  Animals are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics before making the ultimate meat sacrifice.  Crops may be modified with chemicals.  Even seemingly ideal foods such as fruits and vegetables can pose a pesticide threat.  Diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease….a direct correlation exists between these illnesses and what we eat.

If all this doesn’t scare you it should.


2014 marks the year I take control of what I consume.  My general rule of thumb for food choices:  don’t eat it if the label contains ingredients that sound like they were manufactured in a laboratory.  I want to know exactly what’s on my plate and where it comes from– which involves conscientious grocery shopping.  What’s available at the Farmer’s Market will comprise the bulk of my produce.  Supermarket purchases will be as close to local as I can get.  Paying more for organic products is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.  In short, I want to eat as clean as possible, with an emphasis on adding color to my food.

cleanDespite the numerous advantages to clean eating raw food or vegan lifestyles aren’t for everyone.  Radically transforming your diet overnight sets you up for failure.  Changes should take place gradually at a pace that works for you.  Eliminate something unhealthy each week.  Try a new vegetable in its place.  Don’t get overwhelmed or beat yourself up if you’re struggling.  I know I can never part with cheese so that’s my weakness.  If I stuff my face with mozzarella I’ll compensate elsewhere so I don’t feel guilty.  Depriving yourself inevitably backfires.  This isn’t about a ‘diet’ or weight loss– I’m making serious life changes for the sake of my health. 

One indulgence that will always be a staple in my diet...

One indulgence that will always be a staple in my diet…

Lack of convenience hinders my ability to eat clean.  However, with advanced planning and preparation I no longer have an excuse.  Determining meals at the beginning of each week eliminates the guesswork and allows me to incorporate adequate nutrition.  Keeping healthy snacks on hand makes it easy to grab something quickly.  While the prospect of juicing excites me tremendously I’m lacking the appropriate tools.  Nary a blender or food processor [much less a juicer] exists in our cooking space– so I’ll have to invest in some new kitchen devices.  Fellow juicing novices should read this article about what to expect.  Finally, the comprehensive information found on REALfarmacy offers a plethora of tips and ideas for embracing a healthy lifestyle.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,




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