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Suffering from anxiety is a full time job.  See 26 Problems Only Anxious People Will Understand.  It’s a comical look at a very serious problem.  #14, #16, #22 = story of my life.  Even a gorgeous, talented actress such as Jennifer Lawrence isn’t immune to anxiety.  She goes to the doctor for a chest X-ray of her lungs and wonders…

jlawHow did the media treat women this year?  If you are not already familiar with Upworthy, acquaint yourself immediately.  These are, as they say, “stories that matter.”  Unique, refreshing, and inspiring content….and they’re hiring?!  Yes please.

katnissWe should all strive to be conscientious consumers by educating ourselves about the companies from which we buy.  The Advocate offers this holiday guide for those wanting their dollars to be spent with corporations who promote equality.  Worth noting is the he aforementioned article focuses only on LGBTQ concerns.  Research other issues important to you– such child labor laws, women’s rights, fair wages, etc.– and arm yourself with knowledge before utilizing the power of your purchase.

cluelessPeter Christ, a retired police captain, offers a compelling argument for the legalization of drugs.  Another thought provoking piece from Upworthy, Christ’s rationale makes perfect sense.  While I’m not suggesting that we unleash the floodgates and make illicit substances available on every street corner….it’s glaringly apparent the status quo isn’t working.  Time to explore alternatives.

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