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John & Ann Betar

John & Ann Betar

Can you even imagine what it’s like to be married to someone for 81 years?  And they eloped!  The article and video barely skim the surface as to what makes the Betar’s relationship work, which disappoints me because I know I’d love to hear what America’s longest married couple has to say on the subject of longevity.  Here’s to hoping they write a book or at least do a really extensive interview– with photos– so we can know more about this incredible couple and the marital values they consider most important.  I wonder if they’ve read “20 Things Only Married People Will Understand.”  Just think of how much they’ve seen during eight decades together….

Look at all those alphabetized documents!

Look at all those alphabetized documents!

Everyone knows I struggle hardcore with alphabetical order [the mark of true genius] which makes this photo even more remarkable.  I sorted through 87,429,136 papers at work at filed them accordingly.  Just don’t ask me to load a stapler, make dual sided copies, or deconstruct boxes.  😉

f‘Life hacks’ refer to little ways to make our lives easier.  In case you don’t get enough ideas from 50 Life Hacks, here’s an extra 16.  Enjoy.

tnZ and I are planning our summer vacation.  We decided to keep it [somewhat] local so we’ll be traipsing around the glorious state of Tennessee.  Our four city tour will allow us social time to see some of our best friends but also enough privacy to engage in some serious R&R.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.  

cssssDo I have something to say regarding Charlie Sheen and the war he’s waged on CWS?  You betcha.  I’ve been working on this post for quite sometime now.  Get excited.

Thank you, Megan, for sharing the official trailer of Devil’s Knot with me.  Like my favorite roommate I was having a hard time wrapping my head around Reese Witherspoon as Pam Hobbs, but this preview reminded me what a talented actress she is.  I know this film, based on Mara Leveritt’s book of the same name, won’t be without controversy– yet my greatest hope [at the risk of sounding totally cliché] is that it starts a conversation and forces people to confront difficult topics.  

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