He’s home!

November 1, 2013

Maris deserves a medal for watching me reapply my Baby Lips, gnaw on my nails, and pivot my head Linda Blair style for the umpteenth time as I anxiously awaited Z’s return.***  She graciously agreed to play chauffeur so I could be there to greet my man as he stepped off the platform.  In my mind I’d played over this scene a thousand times– running towards each other like wildebeests; screams so loud they don’t register as decibels; tackles worthy of NFL, buckets [get it?] full of tears flowing;  passionate lip locks that make The Notebook kisses look weak; our own soundtrack blaring; junior high kids telling us to get a room– you get the idea.   Yet it wasn’t like that at all.  None of those grandiose emotions.  We smiled and walked right into each other.  And hugged.  And hugged.  Just a motionless hug.  Every so often we’d say “I love you” but we never stopped hugging.

This is what a happy, content Sloane looks like

This is what a happy, content Sloane looks like, complete with Eeyore pajamas and a wife beater. Because that’s how I roll.

Z and I decided to go on a min local vacay to celebrate his return to Memphis.  We opted for a weekend stay at an unconventional inn nestled amongst quaint landmarks in an ethnically diverse part of town.  When we weren’t feasting on wraps from Pancho’s or beef with broccoli from New China we snacked on Ramen Noodles [storage style!].  Mornings were for savoring our ‘cup of joy’ from the cheap coffee maker.  Nights involved cuddling and watching television, if we could stop talking long enough to pay attention to it.  Nothing shatters a piece of your childhood like seeing Clarissa [as in Explains It All] as a statutory rapist teacher on SVU in the middle of the night….but I digress.

How nice it was to lie in his arms and just talk.  And not even the profound discussions, though there were plenty of those too.  It was the small talk, the random chit chat, our snarky back and forth dialogue.  Even those stupid little inside jokes that nobody else would understand.  Our [albeit brief] time to get away from the world and before everything changes.

We spoke of the past– both distant and recent– and before and after we were together.  But there’s a time and a place for that.  Lessons from the past influence future outcomes.  Right now we’re just so thrilled to be living in the moment.  Of course we have to think about next month, next year,  it comes with the territory of being responsible and having a family.  Yet it is imperative to take certain things one day at a time.  Don’t stress about the things that have not happened yet and the things we cannot control.  Everything will be okay.  As long as we have each other we’ll make it through just fine. 

[[ SIDENOTE:  Thank you, Andre, for the delicious bottle of champagne you gave us.  We loved it.  I’m so glad that you got to meet Z.  Santa Clause finally came to town! ]]

Black hoodies and hand holds

Black hoodies and hand holds #124

All good things must come to an end.  As of November 3rd it’s back to the daily grind.  We’ll always have Rodeway!

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


***  A second medal was earned by  my Soul Sister for patiently allowing us to hug it out for ten minutes without as much as a a sigh or a cough.  Never one to settle for just two, she rounded out the trifecta with a third medal for successfully delivering us to the ‘love nest’ despite a multitude of obstacles.  We love you, Mar!  

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