Working where I do serves as an exercise in restraint.  I’m constantly surrounded fashionable, comfortable, and well made shoes.  If I didn’t have children I would gladly take my earnings in store credit.  Customers often ask me how I even have a paycheck as I gush about my rapidly expanding shoe collection.  It’s insanely difficult, let me tell you.  Lots of merchandise catches my eye.  But only one shoe has ever stolen my heart…..

The Skellig – made by Earthies

Aren't they divine?

Hello beautiful.

The day started out ordinary enough.  Only a few weeks into my job, I began my shift by perusing the sale racks.  As a rookie especially it’s important to make sure ‘new’ arrivals don’t sneak up on you during the Semi Annual Sale.  Suddenly, in the 8-8.5 section [file that tidbit in your memory bank because it plays a major role later in our narrative] something glorious happened.  A vision from above.  Rays of light beamed down from the heavens.  Angels sang a chorus of glee.  My soul cried happy tears.  Upon seeing the Skellig life as I knew it changed forever.

Just one pair in the entire store.  It was as if it was made for me.  Except it wasn’t.  The lone Skellig measured a true-to-size 8.5.  Guess who’s a 7 any way you spin it?  Despite multiple attempts double socking it with the thickest SmartWools I could find, I could not add an extra size and a half to my foot.  Those dreams were dashed when I took a nasty tumble [while modeling ‘my shoe’ on the sales floor] thatwasthisclose to leaving me with a broken ankle.

One of my customers seemed to appreciate the Skellig and its quirkiness.  She offered a fond recollection of days past:  “It reminds me of something I wore to Woodstock with my chartreuse pantsuit!”  This only made me crave it more.  I thought about it.  I dreamed about it.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  And then I had to watch it be snatched away after a single swipe of a credit card.  The luckiest customer we’d ever had walked out with my love.  Oh, I was delighted on her behalf, absolutely.  But I also cried.


Lovingly caressing the Skellig on my foot!

Lovingly caressing the Skellig on my foot

Buying the shoe elsewhere*** wasn’t an option for me.  There are some expenses I simply cannot justify as a single mother of two.  One Skellig equals ample amounts of diapers, formula, and school lunches.  I resigned myself to a life without my love.  At least until I won the lottery or hooked up with Sean Penn, whichever came first.

Earlier this month the stars aligned in my favor.  Working industriously put the Skellig within arms reach.  And I wasn’t about to let it slip away twice.  So I took the opportunity I earned and placed an order.  Sarah witnessed firsthand my squeals and claps as we noticed the package at the door on October 25th, 2013.  It was the shoe of my dreams!  I kissed them.  I stroked them adoringly.  I bathed in them [with my feet dangling over the ledge of the bathtub].  I slept in them.  I even kept the box– something I never do– so I could place the Skellig atop it .  Relegated to my closet with the rest of my shoes?  No way!  My Skellig deserves a prominent place of reverence.  I’m so in love.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


***  When I say elsewhere, I’m ashamed to say the internet.  Do not ever buy shoes online.  Step away from the computer and go local.  And don’t just go local– visit a family-owned small business with highly skilled employees dispensing impeccable customer service with a smile.  You don’t want a massive corporation shipping your shoes from a warehouse.  You want friendly people with unparalleled product knowledge who will remember your name and shower your with personalized attention as they assist you with your shoe buying endeavors.



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