Lions and pony jammies, oh my!

Upon seeing a picture of Kobe Bryant on my TMZ app tonight [guilty pleasure #59,482] I immediately thought of Adam’s own close encounter with lions in captivity.  There we were at the Memphis Zoo.  I decided to plop Adam down on a ledge in Cat Country and wait for some wildlife.  Puss in Boots took a leisurely stroll our way, stopping at the edge of her habitat for a closer look.  My toddler son, completely unfazed, nonchalantly turned his head to make eye contact.  Talk about an unforgettable zoo memory.  The fact that half the animals we passed were mating as if they were about to go extinct only added to the experience.  What a day.
[[ Sidenote:  Despite the brilliance of this shot very few of you have seen it.  I could just hear the haters my mind–  “Sloane dangles her child in a lion’s den!  Such precarious, irresponsible parenting!  She’s just asking for her child to be gobbled up by a ferocious animal!”– and opted against posting it here.  Four years later I changed my mind. ]]
Kobe Bryant [2013] and Adam Reed [2009] take a walk on the wild side.

Kobe Bryant [2013] and Adam Reed [2009] take a walk on the wild side.

‘Outsourcing’ childcare for Tatum never gets any easier.  But if she can’t be with my parents or me, Theresa’s the next best thing.  Their family loves Tater Bug like she’s their own.  Just wait until you see the pictures of her in various Halloween costumes, two new coats, and a custom made turkey outfit. 
Getting ready for bed at Camp Theresa =)

Snuggling with Theresa’s oldest daughter at a sleepover =)

Every day I have to pinch myself to be reminded that I am the mother of these two incredible children who live under the same roof.  All three of us are Tennessee residents.  We survived the nightmare with our family intact.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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