Big boy beds and bunnies

bedAdam came home two days ago to find a bedroom makeover.  Not only does he have a ‘grownup’ bed and desk but he also has a television!  I spent the better portion of my Sunday rearranging his living space.  Worth noting is the fact that his desk has been used for three generations:  my mom used it for writing/illustrating children’s books, I plastered stickers all over it and did my homework there, and now it is his.  The idea of my five year old having a TV in his room didn’t exactly thrill me– but we all make concessions.  As long as he performs well in school, does his chores, and maintains a positive attitude then I’m okay with him watching certain things.


Tatum, meanwhile, experiments with Halloween costumes.  Will she be a white bunny or a polka dotted monster?!  What a blessing it is watching Tater Bug spend time with her second family, especially Colton and Ayden, and everyone at ‘Camp Theresa.’  Last week Tasha and I briefly discussed coordinating costumes for the kids.  Hopefully we can pull that off within the next eight days.  But I want to go beyond that– and venture into costume territory myself.  Any ideas as to what I should be?  I’m loving some of these.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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