Ron Jones

Last night I had every intention of blogging.  Then I got a call from Ron, one of my best friends, telling me he was in town for the night.  He picked me up from work and took me to my parent’s house– where he met Adam for the first time.  What a heartwarming moment.  It’s so nice having old friends come to my childhood home and talk comfortably with my Mom and Dad.  We went to dinner at Amerigo where we reminisced about high school and caught each other up with our current lives.

11 years of friendship and counting.

11 years of friendship and counting.

My life can be divided into three major phases defined by two pivotal moments:  the death of Adam Sontag and our hellish ordeal in California.  Losing Adam marked the end of my childhood and the loss of my innocence.  What happened in California all but destroyed my soul.  How thankful I am that I have reached the post-Cali era of my life.  [[ Sidenote:  Conspicuously absent from these pivotal moments are 3/26/08 and 2/21/12, the days I became a mother.  While parenthood transformed my entire existence, it did not change my personality….if that makes any sense.  It did not alter who I was; instead, I became a better, more maternal version of the same Sloane I’ve always been. ]]

Ron and Adam meet for the first time!

Ron and Adam meet for the first time!

It is rare that I have friends who have journeyed with me for all three phases.  Ron is one of them.  Not only did he know me in high school, but he too was a good friend of Adam Sontag’s.  Some of my best memories from junior year involve Adam and Ron.  He knows me better than most and has supported me even in my darkest days.  Every once in a while it makes me sad that my newer friends never got to see the ‘old’ Sloane.  Ron– I love you, Megan, and your beautiful family– and I am so grateful for your friendship.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,




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