A doozy of a day

Those of you who follow my online dating adventures know I eagerly anticipated last night’s date with M.  I stepped outside to find him with a bottle of wine in hand, which he said was a gift.  Bonus points for that.  [[Sidenote:  I think everyone I come into contact with should give me wine every time they see me.  Just saying.]]  Fearing that I would pull a Kristen Stewart despite my best intentions, I sent him a text shortly before his arrival apologizing in advance for being socially inept and/or completely silent.  Then I proceeded to talk virtually non-stop from Germantown to Madison Avenue.  It wasn’t that ‘rambling uncomfortably because I’m so awkward’ chatter either….I shared with him the condensed version of what happened in California.  You know, a light, uplifting dialogue to preface dinner.  So it’s not exactly first date material but I felt safe sharing it with him.

La sifrina

La sifrina

Arepas and Salsa makes one of the most mouth watering things I’ve ever tasted.  I chose la sifrina, an arepa [flatbread made of ground corn dough or cooked flour and very prominent in Venezuela] filled with shredded beef and cheddar cheese.  Too many in this area erroneously lump Latin American cuisine into the ‘Mexican’ category.  What a shame.  Don’t get me wrong– I love Mexican food and have eaten some of the most authentic dishes you can get north of the border– but there’s an entire continent with its own unique deliciousness that eludes people.  I’ll definitely be a repeat customer at Arepas and Salsa.  Maybe I’ll even go on Friday night for a salsa lesson!

Those damn preppy coeds strike fear into the hearts of Dale and Tucker

Those damn preppy coeds strike fear into the hearts of Dale and Tucker

With full bellies we returned to his house for wine and a movie.  I forgot to bring my vino in from the car and offered to go retrieve it.  He explained that my gift was for me to enjoy on my own time as he poured two glasses from his collection.  Major bonus points for that.  Although he offered to let me select our viewing material– indecision got the best of me so I deferred to his judgement.  He selected Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.  Facebook’s description for the film could not be more perfect:  “Two awesome hillbillies, Tucker & Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy, elitist college kids.”  Even the blood and guts seemed comical due to the campy nature of the flick.  A fine line exists between gore and humor– yet it’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard [despite the carnage] and seen an intelligent ‘horror’ movie rife with satire.

We mimic photos we take with our sons.

We mimic photos we take with our sons.

Because of our email correspondence and lengthy phone chat I knew the date would go well, though I did not expect to be able to talk so openly with him face to face.  I felt like I dominated the conversation but not in a rude or egotistical way.  Perhaps I just needed to get things off my chest with somebody who made me feel comfortable [which is no easy feat].  His compassion, combined with his reverence for the wonder of childhood, makes him an ideal listener.  Hearing his philosophies on parenting his only child– who is the same age as Adam– reminds me that phenomenal fathers do exist.  Additionally, he’s a nurse at St. Jude.  Such an occupation requires strength I don’t possess.  Can I see him again soon?

Thank you again for a great night complete with gifted wine, M.  And the flowers.  😉

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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