2 thumbs up for 2 Guns

I am very much looking forward to my first date with M tonight.  We’ve exchanged some intense emails, texted daily, and talked on the phone for almost an hour, so I feel like he’s the person I know best going into the date.  It’s as if I’m trying something new with an old friend.  Speaking of trying new things– I experienced a dating first last night with C— and went to his home.  On general principle this is something I tend to avoid in the initial stages.  Call me old fashioned [who would have though?] but I think it has the potential to send mixed signals.  My black and white signal remains clear:  I’m not in the business of hanky panky with gentleman callers.  Yes, I really just typed that sentence.  Yet it was my fourth date with C, and he’s always been the consummate gentleman, so I had no reservations.  Except for the part where he chained me to the radiator everything went just fine.  😉

You already know if it's got these two it's gonna be good.

You already know if it’s got these two it’s gonna be good.

D and I went on our third date several nights ago.  Upon arrival at Malco I noticed that 2 Guns started ten minutes after Fruitvale Station [my original choice] and briefly summarized both movies for my cinema companion.  He chose the action flick– and I’m so glad he did.  People‘s Alynda Wheat calls it “ridiculous but never dumb” and praises the “easy chemistry” of the “crime fighting duo we didn’t know we were waiting for.”  Bill Paxton shines as a corrupt, sadistic good ol’ boy.  I could not agree more with Wheat’s final assessment:  “You can bet that the film is bloody.  But the violence is offset by buoyant humor and a swift tempo, not to mention some audacious stunts.”  My coworker says Mark Wahlberg is so drool-worthy she “forgives him for being Marky Mark.”  Well said, J.  Bonus points for the fact that he parlayed his Boston bad boy swagger into becoming a devoted family patriarch with a beautiful wife and four kids.  And Denzel Washington, my main man.  Denzel can sport a frilly pink tutu and teach ballet to five year old girls….and still be a badass.  I’ll see any movie with these two.

heehWant to hear an obnoxious occurrence that happens regularly on my dating website?  Sure you do.  Messages are exchanged in a format similar to the Facebook inbox.  It’s amazing how many people cop an attitude if I don’t respond within .085 seconds of receiving a message.  First of all, I don’t sit around hitting refresh on my laptop.  Forgive me if I don’t drop everything I’m doing to ensure your instantaneous response.  Second, I don’t get notifications on my phone.  It’s pathetic enough that I actually downloaded the app for my mobile device but I have no way of knowing what’s new until I get on there.  Third, if you have the paid upgrade that enables you to see whether or not I’ve read your message– and I haven’t responded– there’s always the chance that I was busy.  Or felt like it would be easier to type my response from a computer instead of texting it from a phone.  Sometimes things even slip my mind.  I can’t stand pushy people.  And if I’m feeling smothered by your second message….not good.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,




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