Sponge Bob wants you to go to school

My precious son oozes charisma out of every pore.  With his vivacious personality comes an abundance of intelligence.  He breezed through the first two nights of homework.  Though he struggles with his penmanship– don’t even get me started on that topic– it’s apparent how easily he grasped the concepts.  Of course he’s still a five year old boy, citing the playground as his favorite part of the day, and telling me he’s not fond of sharing or nap time.  I’m proud to report that he’s earned stars for good behavior [five stars gets a visit to the treasure chest!] both days.  Meanwhile, I’m struggling with partially empty nest syndrome and going crazy without my little man….

Adam's first haircut, shortly after his second birthday. Similar outbursts occurred today at school.

Adam’s first haircut, shortly after his second birthday. Similar outbursts occurred today at school.

Adam’s first day of school went off without a hitch.  He barely gave us a second glance as we left his classroom.  Yesterday he pouted with tears in his eyes, which we chalked up to being tired.  Today there was a total meltdown.  I’m surprised the other children didn’t drown from the tears he cried or go deaf from his screams.  Dad and I had our hands full, literally dragging him into the building.  His feet dragged on the ground in protest.  Once we got to the door he latched onto the frame as I pulled his legs– he looked like he was blowing away in a tornado.  Some parents looked at us with sympathy on their faces, others pretended not to know us.  All of the sudden Adam voiced the primary source of his frustration:  “I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO KINDERGARTEN BECAUSE I’D RATHER LIE IN BED AND WATCH SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!!”  Everyone within earshot made poor attempts to stifle their laughter.

It comes as no surprise that Adam’s spoiled.  That and he’s accustomed to a….very different….routine.  Add a new sleep schedule to this mix and his crankiness factor increases exponentially.  I know he loves kindergarten and Mrs. W, this is clearly evident.  He enthusiastically tells us about his day and you can see the pride on his face as he shares his accomplishments.  Within a few weeks [if not days] he’ll acclimate to the new routine.  Lord knows he’s entitled to more than a little separation anxiety.  Yet I could not help but feel for his teacher as she moved in to [attempt] to diffuse the situation while 18 bewildered faces stared at my child and his tantrum.  Though I must admit– a selfish, juvenile part of me wants to gloat that my son just can’t stand to be away from me– even though I know that’s the wrong angle and does him no favors.  “Your kid can’t wait to escape you, other moms!  Mine can’t bear the thought of being apart.  So I guess that means I’m the most awesome Mommy ever!” 

Reppin' the 38138 and 38017 with a mouthful of bling

Reppin’ the 38138 and 38017 with a mouthful of bling

Because my parents are trying to do a thorough summer clean Dad and I took Tatum to Theresa’s.   I feel badly that I ended up bailing on them– tomorrow I solemnly swear to help beautify their house– but I decided to rendezvous with Maris.  So after Tater got settled I was chauffeured to Casa de McLoskey.  Happy Maris and I went to Kohl’s, which proved advantageous for my work wardrobe.  Thanks to their 60% off sale I scored over $200 worth of clothes for $33.  Win.  It’s been years since I’d been in a Kohl’s….and I think I found my new happy place.  Maybe I should get a Kohl’s card.  Bad idea, Sloane.  Don’t do it.  After Kohl’s we spent a dollar on two glorious grills and went to Ruby Tuesday for our usual.  It was strange not seeing David’s name on the door.  Whenever I spend time with Mar I am reminded how incredible it is to have a best friend and share a brain with somebody.  Both of us needed our fun, silly day.  As usual my soul sister works wonders for my soul.  ❤

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,




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