Grounded Sloane

Guess who did not jump out of plane on Friday?  The same lass whose feet remained firmly planted on the ground.  What a bummer.  I knew the day before that not going was a very real possibility.  My would be jumping partner, F, injured his rotator cuff.  Not surprisingly the doctor forbade skydiving.  To his credit, he offered to take me anyway and watch from the ground so I could still go.  As much as I wanted to skydive– I could barely contain my excitement about the prospect– jumping without him just didn’t seem right.  So we agreed to take a rain check for our aerial adventures and go to Shiloh instead.

….except it never happened.  That morning I texted him to confirm.  He told me he had to run to the bank and then he’d be en route to my house.  But the next time we spoke he was at a job site waiting on a tardy laborer.  Um what?  I knew nothing of his plans other than the bank.  Several hours pass.  It became glaringly apparent there was no way we could make it to the park before it closed.  So I cancelled.  He apologized profusely– and I give him props for validating my irritation– and offered to take me out at night.  More than a little peeved I told him that he could message me whenever he finished his business and if I wasn’t doing something then we’d talk.  Not surprisingly I never heard from him.

Ayden is not feeling the Tater love but she hugs him anyway. Tasha, I love you and your boys so much!

Ayden is not feeling the Tater love but she hugs him anyway.  ((This has nothing to do with my entry but it’s cute and you should appreciate it.))

I understand that things come up and plans change.  There is nobody more accommodating of a chaotic, unpredictable schedule than a single mother of two who works 35 hours a week outside of the home and hopes to begin a second career as a writer.  Yet I was very irked because I feel like he was not straightforward with me.  ‘Going to the bank’ and ‘going to work’ are two totally different things.  Why tell me only one of those when you’re actually doing both?  My time is valuable.  It is rare for me to have an entire day off to devote to a single person and/or activity.  So I was quite peeved because I squandered precious time with nothing to show for it.

Fear not, all was not lost with my Friday.  Upon hearing of my foiled plans G asked me to dinner.  We met at Sakura [where I failed to notify him that I was no longer wearing my red hat– ADD fail] and had a delicious meal.  I guess I’m a lousy date because I cannot remember what he ate for the life of me.  But I know I savored every second of my gyoza, beef udon, and plum wine.  Next we headed to Brookhaven to indulge in Memphis’ own Ghost River beer.  These past 7 years hold so many Brookhaven memories, so I was thrilled to go there for the first time since I’ve been home.  G and I ended up going out two nights in a row….but you’ll just have to read more about that in my next post.  😉

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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