Kindergarten boy

Adam couldn’t wait to get started in the classroom!  He politely introduced himself to his teacher and surveyed the scene.  As she was hanging up his backpack he gave me a hug and kiss, told me he loved me, and said goodbye– and that was it.  No tears or tantrums.  No clinging to my pants leg and begging for me to stay.  My little man was ready to go.

I expected to get a little teary eyed as we departed.  What I did not anticipate was my emotional meltdown.  Luckily I made it into the hall before I started sobbing.  Yet once the tears started coming they just wouldn’t stop.  Snot ran down my face, my eye makeup smeared, and I made strange gulping noises as I tried to suppress a wail.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  The first day of kindergarten is emotional enough for any parent….but after everything we endured in California….I felt like we’d never make it back home…and I wanted to fall to my knees and kiss the sweet Tennessee soil.

I was so not this mother.

I was so not this mother.

Adam absolutely loved his first day of school.  His face lit up as he chatted excitedly about his experience.  Among other things he created a paper bag puppet, learned various rules [time out is the standard disciplinary fare but a visit to the principal’s office is serious], forgot the names of his classmates, played outside, and ate lunch in the cafeteria.  Today’s menu consisted of chicken nuggets, steamed vegetables, strawberry applesauce, and strawberry milk.  He says his teacher is very nice and he can’t wait to go back again.  Mrs. W told us that he was smart and well-behaved but needs some serious practice with cutting.  I blame myself for that deficiency.  Yours truly failed cutting in kindergarten.  To this day I’m horrible at it.  Oops.

'Twas the night before kindergarten...

‘Twas the night before kindergarten…

Kindergarten curriculum is divided into four major areas:  language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  I fully intend to be proactive with Adam’s learning so we can address any difficulties before they become struggles.  Closely monitoring his performance in the classroom and communicating regularly with Mrs. W only go so far.  Working with him at home is crucial.  Not only do I expect him to practice academic skills, I want him to take full advantage of the incredible educational resources at his disposal– such as my mother.  Before she went on to write and illustrate instructional books for children she was a teacher.  Currently my dad is a professor [albeit at the university level] and I’ve spent over a decade tutoring people of all ages in all subjects.  We place a premium on reading, learning, and education in our family. 

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,





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1 Response to Kindergarten boy

  1. Sarah Scoggin says:

    Yea, Adam! King of Kindergaeten! I remember MY first day there as well as the boys’ first day in Kimdergarten. Don’t forget that MeMae was the best Kindergarten teacher on the face of the earth. Wish she and Lottie could
    borh see Adsm and Wilson (pre-K!) enter that K classroom and welcome them home at the end of the day.

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