Deanna and Brandon

….became engaged on July 25, 2013!  I could not not be happier for them.  Life’s been an emotional roller coaster for Deanna recently.  She and Brandon experienced the immense joy of welcoming their daughter, Sophia, into the world in May.  Not even a week ago her world was turned upside down when she learned that Cody had passed— thus leaving her other daughter without her biological father.  Three days after that horrific news Brandon proposed.  What a wonderful way to show the woman he loves, and also Ryley, that he will help them through this terrible time and any others in the future.

Deanna, Brandon, Sophia, and Ryley <3

Deanna, Brandon, Sophia, and Ryley ❤

Deanna has been a friend of mine for almost four years now.  She is one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever encountered.  We’ve had some pretty intense conversations throughout the years and I always appreciate her compassion and lack of judgement.  I’ll never forget the night I messaged Brandon for the first time– after seeing him on her Facebook– and I was bowled over by the respect he showed and the sheer amount of love he possessed towards her and Ryley both.  There I was, sitting in my Atascadero penthouse, tearing up because I knew this sweet girl had found the man that would treat her like his princess.  I have every intention of incorporating those early conversations with both of them into my wedding gift.  Much love to you two!

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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1 Response to Deanna and Brandon

  1. DEanna says:

    Sloane, this made me smile so much!! You are so sweet! I love reading everything that you write, and to read what you put about Cody passing away the other day and now this, just shows how big of a heart you have. You are the sweetest.

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